PITTSFIELD, MA - Premeer by Interprint is a next-generation decorative overlay that combines excellent board protection with high fidelity prints in a product that's versatile and environmentally safe.

Interprint, the global designer and printer of decor paper for the laminate industries, developed Premeer at its Pittsfield, Mass. production facility with partners Applied Extrusion Technologies, Inc. (AET), MinusNine Technologies and Energy Sciences, Inc. (ESI).

Compared to a vinyl overlay, Premeer provides superior water and wear protection to all types of boards. The protective coating developed by MinusNine is cured via ESI's electron beam system (EB) on AET's SynDECOR® oriented polypropylene substrate (OPP) to give Premeer its superior 72-hour water hold-out characteristics. The depth and content of the coating can be adjusted to meet a wide range of wear resistant specifications. At a medium weight of 12 gsm, Premeer's coating protects to 250 grams in a Hoffman Scratch Hardness Tester, ten times the protection vinyl can achieve.

Premeer offers a manufacturing versatility that thicker overlays cannot. Available with a substrate base thickness of 0.9 to 2.2 mil, Premeer can be profile wrapped, mitre folded, bladder pressed or flat laminated without creasing, cracking or distortion. It does not shrink, stretch, distort or creep under 180° C of heat and is compatible with all EVA and PUR adhesive systems.

The smooth, non-porous characteristics of Premeer’s OPP substrate combined with Interprint’s on-site cylinder laser engraving results in photo-realistic rotogravure décor printing. High-resolution graphics engraved at high line screens with variable cylinder cell depth ensure stability across the entire tonal range. Through advanced registration and tension systems, Interprint is currently producing Premeer with multi-color décor patters that print as consistently as single-unit solids.

Where polyvinyl chloride emits the highest toxic emissions of all common man-made plastics, Premeer’s OPP base emits the lowest. The release of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) is avoided by printing with organic, water-based inks, and a EB curing process that releases no VOCs. A board encapsulated with Premeer safely retains more of its formaldehyde than a board covered with vinyl.

For furniture manufacturers, Premeer’s all-surface versatility and roll-to-roll consistency eliminates the need for multi-product color matching. As a supporting overlay, Premeer compliments thermally fused melamine (TFM) panels best because it can be printed with the same inks and cylinders on the same press at Interprint.

Because it is shipped from Interprint in Pittsfield without further processing or treating, Premeer’s water and wear resistant characteristics are currently serving the furniture and ceiling panel industries directly. A line of Premeer flooring products is currently in development. For more information about Premeer, visit www.premeer.com, or contact Interprint at 413-443-4733.

Source: Interprint USA

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