Second highest trade fair order intake ever recorded over the company’s history

Appearing once again as the biggest exhibitor at the world’s leading fair for the woodworking industry and woodworking shops, the HOMAG Group’s presentation at this year’s LIGNA was a resounding success. Encompassing a total area of almost 7,000 square meters, HOMAG City proved the pivotal attraction of the show. After five busy days of rewarding and interesting shop talk and in-depth dialog with new and existing customers, the HOMAG Group returned triumphant with the second best haul of orders ever closed at a trade fair, falling just short of the record-breaking 2011 result.


Touch the innovation – touch the future

No other trade fair catering to the woodworking industry can boast such a high innovation density as the LIGNA. The new powerTouch system from the HOMAG Group was undoubtedly the innovation of the fair. This pioneering new touchscreen operating concept combines design with function, combining with the powerControl system to provide the ultimate in customer benefit: Simple, standardized, ergonomic, evolutionary. The focal feature of the system is a large full HD multitouch monitor in wide-screen format, at which machine functions are controlled by direct touch contact. Standardized operating elements and software modules ensure that all the HOMAG Group machines can be operated with the same look and feel using the new concept.


20 world innovations live

The legendary InnovationCenter located right at the heart of “HOMAG City” met with an equally enthusiastic reception. Safely concealed in the Center and accessible only to selected representatives of the trade public, 20 units were on display, featuring an array of technical highlights and new process technologies to enhance quality, flexibility, productivity and cost efficiency. These include realityPlus – the virtual machine. With this ground-breaking development, the HOMAG Group led the field as the industry’s first manufacturer to enter the world of virtual reality. With realityPlus, the HOMAG Group has succeeded in linking the real environment to the virtual world, so securing a decisive technological leading edge – and allowing its customers to benefit from more security, more performance and higher efficiency.


Megatrends: Zero joint & batch size 1 plants

One of the focal themes of this year’s exhibition was the zero joint. Customer expectations of ever higher processing quality with the disappearance of visible joints continue to grow. Alongside office and bathroom furniture manufacturers, fitted kitchen firms are also focussing their attention on the laserTec method with feed rates of up to 52 m/min[1]. The figures speak for themselves, with over 200 HOMAG laserTec units sold since 2008.
“Using laserTec from HOMAG, which we are deploying with a high level of success in three performance categories, we are able to offer industrially-oriented customers a method which allows them to combine zero joint manufacture with extremely high levels of productivity and flexibility with high volume output. Our product spectrum is rounded off by BRANDT airTec for lower feed rates from 15 m/min1. Medium-sized companies benefit in this situation from an ideal solution package affording them entry into the world of zero joint technology – with almost identical results in terms of quality and appearance. With airTec and laserTec, the HOMAG Group provides its customers with a chance to achieve an invaluable edge in terms of enhanced quality in performance category, making them ideally equipped to meet future challenges”, explains Dr. Christian Compera, Director of Research & Development at HOMAG Holzbearbeitungssysteme GmbH.


A series of individually linked high-tech machines covering the entire process chain were also featured at the LIGNA, providing irrefutable evidence of the HOMAG Group’s standing as the premier specialist in individual plant engineering for modern furniture production. The spectrum of machines on show in HOMAG City ranged from storage systems through sizing and nesting technology, order picking and sorting to drilling, assembly, hardware mounting and packaging.

Detailed descriptions of all innovations are provided in our press folder.


Achieving sustainability with “ecoPlus” and “HOMAG Cares”

Energy, time, material and personnel – HOMAG Group customers are offered ways of saving all of these precious resources by using ecoPlus technologies. ecoPlus encompasses wide-ranging developments and technologies permitting up to 30% energy savings and sustainably reduced operating costs. Using ecoPlus facilities such as the standby mode, optimum extraction or controlled compressed air consumption, HOMAG Group customers can save up to 80,000 tons of carbon emissions every year. At the same time, the system makes for more productive operation with over 100 different measures.


Actions speak louder than words: Under the “HOMAG Cares” banner, once again the HOMAG Group donated the proceeds from sale of the demonstration parts to charity. At the LIGNA, the 2,000 Euro donation was presented to two charitable institutions in North Rhine Westphalia: the Bethel Children’s Hospice and the “Unser Haus” scheme for the disabled. The Bethel Children’s Hospice in Bielefeld is one of eleven hospices throughout Germany which specializes in the care of terminally ill children and their families. The “Unser Haus” scheme has provided care, aid and support for people of all ages with disabilities for the past 20 years. Alongside in-patient and out-patient care, residents are offered a comprehensive support and activity program.



… and action! Experience the LIGNA online

A number of film teams were also present at the show to interview fair-goers and record the mood. All the interviews and trade fair highlights are available to view at or


Visitors from Mauritius to Greenland

Over 90,000 visitors from around 100 countries made the journey to Hanover. The mood inside HOMAG City was buzzing with excitement and enthusiasm. Of those who visited the HOMAG Group trade fair stand, around 56% were from outside of Germany – a higher proportion than at the last LIGNA. Alongside Russia and Poland, neighboring countries closer to home such as Belgium, Denmark and Holland were plentifully represented at the show – not forgetting visitors from other well-established European markets such as France, Italy, Spain and the UK. There were also a good proportion of guests from the USA, the growth markets of the BRICS countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China, Southeast Asia) and even from more exotic locations such as Aruba, Mauritius or Greenland.


[1] All specifications based on a workpiece thickness of 25 mm

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