Washington, D.C. – The International Wood Products Association would like to express its heartfelt thanks to the House Committee on Natural Resources for passing HR 3210. The RELIEF Act strengthens and improves the integrity of the Lacey Act by addressing the unintended consequences of the Act’s 2008 Amendments. The passage of this Democratic bill with Republican support came after thoughtful consideration of a significant amount of input from stakeholders representing a wide variety of political perspectives.

While moderate in scope and simple in execution, the provisions of the RELIEF Act will significantly increase the protection of forests around the globe and also save American family businesses. It simply and elegantly brings the intent of the Lacey Act—preserving international forests from the ravages of illegal logging—in line with the practical effects of its implementation.

The passage of the RELIEF Act is the dawn of a brand new day. The legislation encourages and protects sound business practices, saves U.S. jobs, and most importantly of all, allows the government to focus on shutting down the crime syndicates that are at the heart of illegal logging worldwide.

On behalf of the association representing 220 companies and trade organizations engaged in the international trade of hardwoods and softwoods from sustainably managed forests: we thank you, Chairman Hastings and the Committee on Natural Resources, for your efforts to restore an even-handed approach to forest conservation and honest and fair business regulations.

Source: IWPA

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