Recognised as the INSPIRE Awards Micro Business of the Year in 2009, Zapkut Limited has not rested on its laurels. A keen focus on innovation and global marketing in the three years since then has born fruit in the launch of new products and signing up of new customers and dealers around the world. It is fitting, therefore, that the company was in November named the INSPIRE Awards 2012 Small Business of the Year.

INSPIRED Zapkut does it again!The Awards are one of the best established and most prestigious in the UK. Keith Bunker, Managing Director of Zapkut, based in Hampshire, England, was in enthusiastic mood: "It's a huge honour to have won two INSPIRE Awards," he observed. "We have worked hard to build a business as robust and productive as our saws, so we are delighted with this formal recognition of Zapkut's success."

Competition was especially fierce this year, with the most closely contested awards being those for Service Excellence and Small Business of the Year, making Zapkut's success in the latter category even more noteworthy.

Quality machines at attractive prices

A timber, plastics and metal cutting systems specialist, Zapkut has created a range of high quality vertical panel saw solutions, designed in particular for operators with limited workshop space or needing mobile cutting capability. Much design effort has been invested to create robust, easy to use, accurate machines at prices within the means of smaller businesses.

"We have taken a proactive approach in the light of the recession," Keith noted. "We recognise the need for businesses of all sizes to reduce costs while maintaining or improving their capabilities: Zapkut saws give you more for your money."

"Zapkut has built a comprehensive range of sheet cutting solutions for the smaller operator," he continued. "We've listened to signmakers, joiners, cabinetmakers, kitchen and bathroom fitters and other craftsmen, gained a clear understanding of what they actually need, and focused ruthlessly on delivering those features at prices they can afford. We are proud to be able to offer proper, industrial-grade vertical panel cutting solutions from well under £1,000."

Portable or moving column

Zapkut's sheet cutting solutions include the unique ZK range, that can be folded up, making them the world's only truly portable vertical cutting platforms, and the ZM range of European space-saving moving column style vertical panel saws.

Cutting sheets ranging in size from 8' x 4' (2.5m x 1.25m) to 10' x 7' (3.1m x 2.1m) both ranges are enjoying enthusiastic take up from the woodworking, signmaking and other sectors. The ZM range in particular is at least 25% less expensive than its nearest European competitor.

Gaining in popularity and competitiveness each year, the INSPIRE Awards are one of the UK's leading regional business awards. The Small Business of the Year award was sponsored in 2012 by local radio station Kestrel FM, one of nine stations owned by Celador, the light entertainment company best known for the Oscar-winning film Slumdog Millionaire and the popular TV series Who Wants to be a Millionaire? Zapkut's award was presented to Managing Director Keith Bunker by Celador's Chairman, Paul Smith.

Further details on Zapkut's panel saws and other sheet cutting solutions can be found at, or by calling +44 118 970 1950.

Source: Zapkut

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