LEIDEN, The Netherlands - The IKEA Foundation, which manages IKEA’s investments in social projects to benefit children in the developing world, donated EUR 65 million ($84.5 million US*) to 47 charitable programs in 2011. This constitutes an increase of 44 percent over the previous year (EUR 45 million). Funds were allocated to 15 different organizations including UNHCR (the UN refugee agency), Half the Sky, UNDP, Save the Children, and UNICEF, reaching children in more than 30 countries. The Foundation’s Annual Review is available at http://ikeafoundation.org/ABOUT-US.aspx .

“Our vision is a world where children living in poverty have more opportunities to create a better future for themselves and their families,” explains Per Heggenes, CEO of IKEA Foundation. “Profits give us the resources to reach for that vision, and we are grateful for the dedication of IKEA co-workers and loyal customers around the globe who enabled us to increase our giving so dramatically, despite the global recession and economic uncertainties.”

The foundation funds a wide range of long term programs to address the basic needs for children and families, helping them break the cycle of poverty and take control of their own future. For the past 10 years, IKEA and UNICEF have been working together in India to end child labor and create a better future for India’s children.

Additionally, the foundation provides in-kind donations of IKEA products to aid families struck by disasters, and shares key IKEA expertise, such as logistics and material handling. Highlights of the past year include:

- A three-year program for the UN refugee agency, UNHCR, to care for 120,000 refugees in the Horn of Africa. In total, the IKEA Foundation’s commitment amounted to EUR 45 million ($58.5 million US) - the largest private donation ever to the UNHCR.

- The "Soft Toys for Education" program, a collaboration with UNICEF and the Save the Children, provided EUR 11.4 million ($14.82 US million) for children’s education in 2011.

- Children’s rights programs in cotton production areas of India and Pakistan, which aim to strengthen children's rights and fight child labor practices. Donations amounted to EUR 11.3 million ($14.69 US million) in 2011. -- *US Dollar amount based on one Euro = $1.30 US Dollar

Source: IKEA Foundation


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