DRAKES BRANCH, VA  -- Removing weld upset (mushrooming) from narrow bandsaw blades can be tricky and result in a weakened weld joint if it isn’t done properly. The ICE (International Carbide & Engineering, Inc.) #905 Weld Upset Grinder is designed to remove weld upset quickly and accurately to give you the strongest weld joint for optimum blade and machine performance.

According to R.S. (Bob) Ponton, President and Engineering Director at ICE, the #905 is a “must have” for pallet manufacturers, pallet dismantlers, cut stock suppliers, bandsaw blade manufacturers or anyone who welds their own bandsaw blades.

Designed to fit on a workbench, the inexpensive #905 Weld Upset Grinder works for bandsaw blades of any thickness or length and widths from ¼” to 3” wide. The #905 has a total grind time of 20-40 seconds for 3 sides (front, rear and back edge), saving valuable time while producing a perfectly ground weld with minimal effort.

A laser guide and micro-height adjustment mechanism are included for accurate point-of-contact positioning of the grinding wheel to the bandsaw blade surface. This increased accuracy means stronger joints and less operational down time.

An electronically controlled dust collection vacuum automatically sequences with the grinder operation and provides a one second turn-off delay to allow for residual dust collection.

Major components include the alignment/clamp base, grinder, laser guide, dust collection vacuum with accessories and all necessary tools.

A data sheet is available on the ICE website at: ICE-VA.com/images/905.jpg and the detailed operation/instruction/parts manual is available as a printable pdf download at: ICE-VA.com/pdf/905OI.pdf.

Addition information is available by calling ICE at: 434-568-3311 or by email to:

Source: ICE

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