From today, it is possible to choose the color of your wooden furniture using the innovative Wood Look technology. This is the latest outcome of the ongoing research carried out in the laboratories of ICA, an industrial group based in Civitanova Marche (in the central-Italian province of Macerata) that ranks as one of the leading names in Europe in the manufacture and marketing of special coatings for wood. The group has now developed a software program for the virtual treatment of wood with high-definition ICA colors and effects.

Wood Look is a real-time configurator that has been designed by the Italian group to project its innovative colors and effects directly onto the 3D image created and used by furniture producers. In other words, the client can view and select the color of its own products in a highly realistic way, more instantaneously than ever before.

The program affords numerous advantages:

•enables the client to see the final result of the application of a coating without requiring the production of prototypes;

•offers architects and interior design professionals the possibility to see realistic colors, effects and combinations.

The Wood Look system also allows for the virtual application of the brand-new NATURAL MATTER range, composed of all-new stains designed to bring out the naturalness of the wood grain.

The range encompasses 15 new shades that fit in perfectly with the current trends in the finishing of modern furniture, which are increasingly geared towards highlighting the natural beauty of the wooden surface.

The tones of the NATURAL MATTER range draw their inspiration from the colors of cereals and spices, such as barley, spelt, cinnamon and ginger, and they have been specifically designed for application to selected wood species, such as knotted oak, in order to allow the natural grain of the wood to come to the fore.

In addition, by applying the NATURWOOD water-based top coat to the new line of stains it is possible to protect the treated surfaces without altering their natural appearance.

The tones of the NATURAL MATTER series complement the well-established MY LAB system, which enables users to create unique combinations with the 70 metal-effect coatings of the LIQUID METALS range.

Source: ICA Group

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