CHESTER, England - This month, homeowners wishing to update the look in their home can find an abundance of advice and premium flooring products at For those looking to transform their homes on a tight budget, engineered wood flooring and laminate flooring are proving particularly popular.

When spring sprung, homeowners across the country looked to make changes in their home, painting apple greens and blossom pinks on the walls and installing earthy brown flooring in an attempt to welcome in a fresh new look. The sun may be shying away across the UK but homeowners are still making home improvements despite feeling the squeeze.

Solid wood flooring has always been a favourite amongst homeowners looking for an authentic and unique look in their home. The natural grain and knots in the wood injects character in the home but for those that cannot afford the expensive price tag, laminate and engineered wood flooring products are perfect.

Engineered wood flooring comprises several layers of wood which are glued to one another under high pressure. The product always boasts strength and durability and what's more, its unique construction method ensures it does not shrink or expand unlike solid wood.

The top layer of engineered wood flooring is made of solid oak wood which can be finished with oil or lacquer. The wide range of choice on shade and colour means that there is never a compromise on style and your engineered oak flooring will look just as good as the real thing.

Wooden flooring products are always popular in the flooring industry. Laminate flooring offers the option of a stunning wood flooring at a cheaper price. Oak and walnut laminate flooring can be difficult and expensive to obtain as solid wood but at UK Flooring Direct, homeowners can source an eclectic range of laminate and engineered wood flooring products for competitive prices.

Engineered wood flooring products are available to buy online where expert advice will be given on installation and maintenance. Visit the site to find out more about engineered wood flooring and laminate flooring products.

Source: UK Flooring Direct




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