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Most bathroom vanities that are traditional in style tend to be fairly similar in design, with floral or scalloped shell woodworking, simple decorative feet, and generic antique hardware. But HomeThangs.com has introduced a guide to a few unconventional features that can make a traditional vanity feel genuinely elaborate and ornate.

While most traditional bathroom vanities feature at least some woodwork, it’s usually in a limited style and in specific locations. But adding a greater quantity of woodwork, higher quality (or more detailed) woodwork, or putting it in an unconventional place can give a traditional vanity a more ornate appearance and a very luxurious feel. Increasing the level of detail work on the door panels and legs is particularly effective.

HomeThangs.com’s new guide also discusses using decorative paneling made of leather or metal to add a heightened level of detail and luxury to a traditional vanity. These panels have gorgeous old world elegance and a slightly masculine touch, and they make it possible to add a much higher level of fine detail than wood paneling alone. Both leather and wood elements are usually designed to match the shade of the surrounding wood, but add a nice contrast of texture that makes them eye catching.

Altering the silhouette of a traditional bathroom vanity can also dramatically change the impact it has on the space. While most vanities in this style are fairly boxy and rectangular, adding a few curves or elevating the cabinet on taller, decorative legs will make the vanity feel less generic and more luxurious.

For more ideas about how to raise the luxury level of a traditional bathroom vanity, check out the full article here.

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