MOORESVILLE, NC -- Ltronic is Holz-Her's brand new and completely integrated solution for processing laser edging. The newly-developed NIR module (NIR = near infrared radiation) in the Ltronic unit activates the functional layer of the laser edging using electronic controls. The result is perfect, invisible joints resulting from matching the color of the panel surface to the specific edging.

With Holz-Her's Ltronic, users obtain a cost-effective alternative to laser and hot-air processes, applying laser edging with perfect quality. There are also no costs normally associated with the necessity to have a laser safety specialist when using the Ltronic process.

Switch it on and it's immediately ready for use. The new Ltronic unit does not require any heat-up time or heat-up phases during the machining process. In addition, the complete system operates absolutely silently, which is a clear advantage for the user, compared to other systems. In addition, maintenance costs are minimal.

For further applications, such as solid wood edging, Holz-Her still has available the flexible and patented Glu Jet glue application system. A quick change option from Ltronic to the Glu Jet system is possible.

Holz-Her has developed the new LUMINA edgebander series especially for the Ltronic laser edging unit. LUMINA with Ltronic will be demonstrated at IWF Atlanta.

Source: Holz-Her U.S. Inc.






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