Besides classic office environments, Hettich is also focusing on new application areas in the healthcare segment, such as in the laboratory and care work, when it comes to refining workplace concepts.

More and more office furniture is being designed with large surface sliding doors that make efficient use of space. The broad product line-up from Hettich features SlideLine 55 Plus, a bottom running system as the gateway to sliding door fittings. Geared even more to luxuriously smooth action, the new SysLine S fitting with its top-running system is invisible from the outside and has no profile in the bottom panel to detract from the overall look. The new InLine sliding door system in particular meets the demand on high-quality design. InLine S is used in high-specification offices as well as in the home.

Project work and teamwork are on the advance and it's here that bench workstations provide the perfect answer to work organization. Hettich has enhanced the Big Org@Tower high-rise pedestal, now combining it with the new LegaDrive lifting-column system as the basis for power assisted height adjustment in desks. The innovation was triggered by the wish on the part of many office furniture manufacturers and users for workstations people can sit and stand at. This growing trend is being accompanied by rising demands on ergonomic, health-enhancing work environments. The LegaDrive system comprises a three-section column with fully integrated drive along with controller and manually operated switch.

A further challenge to manufacturers of office furniture lies in zoning open-plan offices. Hettich addresses this aspect with the Catering Caddy and Privat Storage. Storage space is tailored exactly to the communication zones.

The increasing need for care, laboratory and dental furniture is reflected in the healthcare range. This is where the focus is on the SysTech drawer system as well as Quadro applications.

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