NewerTech Power2U Dual USB wall outlet
NewerTech Power2U Dual USB wall outlet

SANTA CLARA, CA -- People want to design/build their own connected home. They just don't know where to start.

Don't wait. Families aren't sure about what all the connected home and how much it's going to cost but they do want to be/stay connected.

And you can sell/install it now all over town!

It's the NewerTech Power2U wall outlet.

Install them in the kitchen, den, bedrooms, family room heck one in every room of the house so family members:

- always have their smartphone, tablet, notebook fully charged and working

- never have to fight over the wall warts (ugly chargers hanging off the wall)

- don't have to budget for a major home upgrade

You can install them in less than 15 minutes each and they're:

- available in an array of designer colors

- 15A for most rooms, 20A for kitchen or 20A throughout the house

- intelligent so they know if a smartphone or tablet is being charged and adjusts the current accordingly

- cuts off power to device when it's fully charged so battery life isn't hampered

- fitted with spring-loaded shutters to keep little ones (or dummies) safe

- fully UL/CUL listed

Friends, neighbors, In-Laws will actually bring their devices over to charge them at the connected house on the block!

Source: NewerTech

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