This year Heesemann presents their MFA Impression CL with its cross and longitudinal sanding aggregates as the highly flexible sanding centre for almost all sanding applications. Besides solid wood the veneer and lacquer sanding applications are of most importance in a modern production due to the use of water based lacquers and stains. To secure the highest sanding results with such sensitive lacquers the MFA Impression CL is equipped with servomotors. These motors provide an unsurpassed speed range of 01, to 18 m/sec and - as the icing on the cake - these motors are environmentally friendly due to their energy efficiency - a perfect combination of the highest possible sanding result and saving of energy cost.

Besides, the flexibility of the sander is equally important. The MFA Impression CL combines both the perfect sanding of any surface and an utmost flexibility for a modern production facility.

Recently brushing became a hot topic for manufacturer and designers and Heesemann answers this demand with their brushing machine BM 8. Their unique cup brush unit called "RUT" can be equipped with various brush combination to cover almost all applications one may think of. Besides brushing of profiled surfaces such as MDF before lacquering and foiling the BM 8 may be used for structuring of solid wood and even veneered work pieces. To cope with high capacity demands this machine performs at feed speeds of up to 30 m/min and more!

Heesemann sees itself as technology leader in sanding and to underline their own ambition they raised the stakes by granting a 10-year warranty on the pressure beam. The pressure beam is a key component installed in all cross and longitudinal sanding heads. The Heesemann pressure beams are maintenance free and with this additional warranty Heesemann proves their quality standards and secures the investment of their customers. This additional warranty came into force on the first day of the Xylexpo exhibition.

However not only customers buying a new sander shall benefit from the new warranty concept also those who have bought a sander within the last 10 years shall have the chance to participate. Thus Heesemann offers to obtain the 10 years additional warranty when existing customers sign a service contract with them.

This very interesting concept secures a regular service of the sanders at an attractive pricing and as a free of charge bonus Heesemann grants an additional 10 years warranty on the pressure beam calculated from the original date of delivery.

Source: Heesemann

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