SANTA FE SPRINGS, CA -- Accuride announces new higher load ratings for super heavy-duty slide Models AL4120 and AL4140. The company found these products tend to be used in applications with lower cycle requirements. As a result, the slides were re-tested to 5,000 cycles, which significantly increases maximum load capacity. Model AL4120, a ¾ extension slide, carries up to 1,212 pounds per pair; model AL4140 offers full extension and accommodates up to 1,323 lbs. per pair.

These products are lightweight aluminum, with stainless steel ball bearings and ball retainers to provide the corrosion resistance when used for exterior applications exposed to moisture and high humidity.

In moderate use applications up to 10,000 cycles, Model AL4120 offers a load rating up to 966 pounds. AL4140 carries up to 882 pounds. These slides are non-disconnect for added strength, and available in lengths of 16", 20", 24", 28", 32", 36", 40", 44" and 48".

Accuride International designs and manufactures RoHS-compliant precision slide products for a variety of applications in cabinetry and casework. The company has six locations worldwide and all manufacturing facilities adhere to quality management systems registered to ISO 9001:2008. For more information, visit

Source: Accuride Intl.

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