CHICAGO, IL - Hardwoods Specialty Products is committed to sustainable alternatives to our natural wood resources. Echo Wood engineered veneer provides endless opportunities in creating the look of the most common, to the most exotic and rare species. The process of manipulating common wood fiber through computer design and technology enables us to reproduce the natural appearance of nearly any species you desire.

Our reconstituted veneer products echo nature's most desired and rare species without impacting the sustainability of these great forests. The use of common wood fiber from well managed and plantation-grown forests provide an excellent renewable resource for the production of Echo Wood. These reconstituted veneers and edge tape provide a practical alternative to achieving the look of even the most expensive and rare woods, by providing the highest quality, defect free architectural veneer, plywood and edge tape available. Echo Wood veneers on recycled wood cores with no added urea formaldehyde can qualify for LEED® credits.

Approximately 70% of Echo Wood species offered are available FSC certified. Stocking species noted FSC are available certified and non-certified.

Enhancing the Beauty of Nature

It is difficult to match the beauty and warmth that fine hardwood can bring to any environment. Echo Wood echoes nature's most desired species without impacting the sustainability of these great forests.


Echo Wood veneers are produced with the intent that the panels only need to be clear finished. Because the color of the pattern is produced with a water-based dye and a single species fiber, staining the veneers can cause a loss of the grain and/or pattern effect. Some species can accept some light stains, but make sure you test your finishes on the species.

UV Inhibitors 

All woods will fade or change color with exposure to a strong light source, a UV inhibiting finish must be used to retard the fading or color change in all wood products.

How is ECHO WOOD Environmentally Responsible?


Hardwoods Specialty Products is committed to sourcing the highest quality environmentally friendly products and bringing them to market in the most efficient way possible.

Quick Facts

  • Approximately 70% of Echo Wood species are available FSC certified
  • 10 saplings are planted for every tree harvested
  • All of our patterns meet the CARB PhaseII requirement for formaldehyde emissions 
  • All dyes used are water-based and contain no harmful heavy metals and no aniline
  • 100% of the fiber for Echo Wood is used
  • Echo Wood preserves rare and exotic trees for future generations
  • Defect free panels offer maximum yield and minimal waste
  • Echo Wood veneers can be laid-up on a 100% recycled wood Particle Board or MDF produced with no added Urea Formaldehyde- possible LEED® credit MR4
  • Echo Wood can be laid-up regionally to reduce fossil fuel emissions possible LEED® credit MR5
  • Echo Wood can be laid-up on an FSC certified Particle Board or MDF possible LEED® credit MR7
  • All Hardwoods Specialty Products distribution centers are FSC certified

Echo Wood is manufactured using two different species:



(Triplochiton Scleroxylon) also know as Obeche or Samba. This fiber source is primarily harvested in the central region of West Africa specifically Western Cameroon. It remains abundant and is secure throughout its natural growth range, with little to no threat to its population. Our mill works directly with the Cameroon local governments to comply with their Forest Management Plan with the primary focus being sustainability. The Forest Management Plan’s objectives are to ensure a continuous supply of timber, with timber yields not exceeding the net volume increment of the species to be harvested.  This fiber is also available FSC certified.



(Tilia) also known as Linden. This fiber source is primarily harvested from plantations in Northern China and is a close relative to Basswood found in North America and Europe. Our mill works with Basswood plantations to ensure all governmental regulations are complied with while using sustainable forestry practices to harvest this fiber.

Through supervised forest management programs and consultation with independent foresters our mill ensures harvesting methods are monitored for sustained yield management and minimal environmental impact. The mill also maintains membership in many international organizations such as the World Wildlife Fund Forestry and Trade Network, holds the China Environmental Labeling Certificate, is certified for ISO 14001 Environmental Management, and is certified by the forestry Stewardship Council (FSC) for chain of custody.

Hardwoods Specialty Products is committed to sustainable forest management and encourages our suppliers to do the same.  By using readily available Ayous harvested using sustainable forestry practices and plantation grown Basswood we can create the look of almost any exotic veneer such as Ebony, Zebrano, and Wenge while saving these great forests for future generations. Absolutely no fiber purchased for Echo Wood production is harvested in violation of the CITES International Trade Agreement.

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