Häfele is one of the world's market leaders in connector technology, with many years of experience in development and production.

Billions of Häfele furniture connectors are manufactured in the Berlin plant for the joiner/cabinet maker, dealer and industry target groups. The ixconnect connectors with “German Quality” branding are characterised by well-engineered functionality, a high degree of stability, a wide range of options and timeless design. Time and time again, Häfele has inspired the industry with impressive new developments. A new connector highlight has now been exhibited at the interzum in Cologne in the form of the Turnfastener. This shelf connector can be installed in a flash without tools, and is another step in the direction of the objective of turbo-fast and simple furniture installation that everyone is endeavouring to achieve.

“Quick” and “easy” are the most important criteria a far as the successful future of furniture connectors is concerned. That which often used to be an experience is now more of a time-consuming operation. Experts say that the speed and simplicity of furniture installation will be decisive as far as competition is concerned, and will be the most important marketing aspect in the future.

Exhibition innovation: Turnfastener one-piece shelf connector

Häfele has brought its partners significantly closer to achieving this goal with the Turnfastener. The fitting is the result of development cooperation. The patented basic idea from Unilin was expanded upon by Häfele in order to provide optimised handling and efficient product expertise. The shelf connector is produced in Häfele's Berlin plant. The Turnfastener is a high-quality, one-piece shelf connector which can be tightened manually with a simple turn. The 90° turn makes the plastic sleeve spread in the drill hole, providing a secure and permanent connection. This tool-less system is particularly suitable for quick and easy shelf installation, i.e. for manufacturers of kitchens and shelving systems, particularly in the RTA segment, but also for all other innovative furniture manufacturers who have recognised the trend towards further simplification of furniture installation. It can withstand heavy loads. It is therefore no wonder that the Häfele engineers are predicting a great future for this innovative connector.

Shelf supports: Small drill holes for improved appearance

The pleasure that is derived from a beautiful, high-quality furniture item should not be spoiled by anything - and certainly not by the view of its interior or, to be more precise, the common 5 mm series drilled holes, which are impossible to ignore. More and more manufacturers of modern kitchens and design-oriented living room furniture are therefore now moving towards the more discreet, trendy 3 mm series drilled holes. The demand for strong shelf supports that have sufficient load bearing capacity in spite of the smaller diameter is appropriately huge. The new 3 mm shelf support from Häfele is characterised by its smart design and high load bearing capacity. It is a further development of the patented shelf support generation for the 5 mm series drilled hole.

The discreet 3 mm series drilled holes are an aesthetic must, particularly in furniture with glass shelves. The trend is also moving in the direction of more discreet drill holes in the side panels of cabinets with light finishes and illuminated shelves. For these applications, Häfele has developed a performance-optimised shelf support made from zinc alloy that complies with the high quality demands of the furniture industry.

Smaller diameter, less material, and still with a high load bearing capacity? Clever engineering and smart construction with efficient material distribution makes this possible. A lug ensures that the slimline shelf support has a secure grip and also prevents the shelf from being pulled out. A patented supporting sealing lip secures shelf supports without lugs, even under heavy load. The weight-optimised shelf support with the Häfele brand design is suitable for fixing wooden and glass shelves in furniture. Häfele is fulfilling the high demands that are made of 3 mm shelf supports by industry with this product. Well-known brand manufacturers are already using it in their furniture.

For the 5 mm series drilled holes, the Häfele development engineers have developed and patented an extremely strong shelf support generation with two-tier support in accordance with the new European standards. It guarantees that the shelf will only drop a little way, and also prevents the shelf from being unintentionally pulled out under heavy load, thanks to wedged ribs. This clever design could make a considerable impression, particularly during the dynamic loading during the load tests in accordance with the standard with impact plates that simulate a folder falling over.

Installation is child's play and tool-less

Installation is child's play: The shelf support is inserted into the drill hole at a slight angle, then the shelf is placed on top of it. The weight of the shelf makes the shank connect flush with the side wall. When this takes place, the grooves drill themselves into the wood, which provides additional stability and prevents the support from sliding out.

The two new shelf supports have been tested and certified in accordance with European standard DIN EN 16337 by TÜV Rheinland. Their slimline and appealing design is also impressive, making them predestined for high-quality furniture construction. They are manufactured in large quantities in Häfele's own Berlin plant thanks to innovate tool and machine technology.

Other new products in the ixconnect range from Häfele are: a Rafix Tab with sliding cover cap, which secures any shelf in a secure and visually attractive way. The Tofix connector with its new bolt can be used in RTA furniture pre-installed and flush with the surface. It is extremely quick and easy to install, and remains visually discreet in the background.

With the new connectors, Häfele is expanding its wide range of furniture connectors and shelf supports and covering all applications.

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