Häfele is highlighting its development expertise in engineering and kinematics with its innovative flap fittings in the Free family and a new, extremely economical Free flap H 1.5 stay flap fitting, which is made from high-quality plastic.

A harmonious combination of technology at the highest level; rational installation capability that is suitable for industry and an attractive design. Slimmer, lighter, simpler - the Häfele flap fitting solutions have been designed in accordance with these specifications with an eye on the international furniture industry, and have been independently and successfully tested with double the requirement of the standard (80,000 cycles) and developed to series production level. These high quality flap fittings, with their immaculate quality in accordance with German standards and unrivalled opening experience, are developed in the company's own manufacturing plant in Hungary. Some of them have already passed their initial practical test with flying colours in practical use on the premises of partners within the furniture industry.

Häfele has therefore been thinking ahead once again, since there is no end in sight to the triumphant march of the furniture flap in wall units, neither in the joiner/cabinet maker area nor in industry. The flaps, which swivel upwards, fold or open parallel to the cabinet in an elegant way, are simply too smart and practical. They open up access to the entire cabinet interior, and save space because there is no hinged door projecting into the room. The way in which innovative flap fitting technology engineered by Häfele increases convenience and functionality in furniture construction was demonstrated by the Nagold fitting specialist at interzum in Cologne. The innovation and inspiration area of the Häfele exhibition booth provided a lasting impression of the operating convenience and functionality of Häfele systems.

Free is a completely new and independent range of fittings that has been designed as a modular system and is therefore extremely flexible to use. All of the most common opening types are covered with Free flap, Free fold, Free up and Free swing.

Slimline design with extremely efficient installation

One goal during the development of the new Free fittings was to have a slimline design. The components should be as inconspicuous as possible whilst doing their job in the cabinet. The cover caps are also appropriately stylish. A high degree of operating convenience and good access to the cabinet interior were also on the to-do list of the Häfele engineers. All flaps can be extremely conveniently operated and are characterised by their smooth movement, and they are suitable for all of the most common front panel materials and flap sizes.

The ease of installation of the Free flap fittings may give them a competitive advantage on the market. They can be processed extremely rationally and therefore quickly thanks to the tool-less, clip-on front panels, the pre-fixing of the plug to the base plate, the pre-mounted Euro screws, and other quick fixing systems. The modular principle of the Free family, which essentially consistently works with the same front panel fixings, adapter solutions and cross bars (i.e. the compatibility of many components) makes this fitting family particularly economical. Easily accessible, easily adjustable eccentrics make optimal alignment of the front panels and an even gap pattern possible.

All Free fittings have an integrated soft closing system for easy and gentle closing. However, the trick here is that the soft closing system works in both the opening and closing direction in Free fold, Free up and Free swing. This makes the flaps extremely pleasant and convenient to operate.

Exhibition debut: Free flap H 1.5 stay flap fitting

The prototype of a new stay flap fitting in plastic was the topic of a great deal of discussion at the Häfele exhibition booth. The new Free flap H 1.5 product solution is available in three versions and has a load bearing capacity of up to 5.5 kg when used at one side and with a cabinet height of 400 mm, i.e. 11.0 kg when it is used at both sides. Similarly to the Maxi lid stay, which was successfully launched on the market by Häfele many years ago, the new Free flap H 1.5 is extremely flexible and multi-functional during use, e.g. for push-to-open applications with front panels without handles. Opening takes place extremely conveniently, assisted by an integrated spring package. The new fitting can be precisely adjusted to the multi-position stop function that is so typical of the Free product family, so that the flap stops in any position and is always easily reachable for the user. Soft closing takes place optionally using concealed hinges with a soft closing system or additional parts.

Free flap H 1.5 is easily and quickly fitted to the mounting brackets without tools thanks to push-on fitting.

Free flap stay flap fitting

Free flap is a hingeless stay flap fitting for all of the most common cabinet heights (200-650 mm) and flap weight combinations. Free flap is available in the 1.7 series for flaps weighing up to 7 kg (for cabinet heights of 400 mm) and the 3.15 series for flaps weighing up to 15 kg (for cabinet heights of 600 mm).

The fittings impress with their ease of operation and cost-effectiveness in serial furniture production. During development, Häfele placed a considerable amount of importance on having a slimline and minimalist design in order to create more space in furniture, and having an attractive appearance as a result. Having a uniform drilling pattern on the side wall and a uniform front fixing bracket for both series results in cost-effective processing on the cabinet in the 32/37 mm series drilled holes and on the flap. Free Flap flap fittings make a good impression with all of the usual flap height and weight combinations, also because of their good price/performance ratio.

Front panel alignment is carried out extremely quickly and easily from the front using the adjusting eccentrics that are integrated in the clip-on system. The result is a perfect gap pattern and secure supporting of the door on the cabinet edges. Thanks to the multi-position function, which can be perfectly adjusted using the force adjusting facility, Free flap holds the flap in every position. The integrated finely-tuned soft closing system provides operating convenience. With Free Flap 3.15 the desired opening angle can be set to 90° or 107° using an adjusting slider.

Minimal opening resistance

The Free Flap stay flap fitting is in touch with the latest trends with regard to compactness and design. Because of the numerous adjusting facilities, the fitting easily compensates for production tolerances. Many different flap sizes in kitchens, bathrooms, offices and living areas can be equipped with Free flap. Another advantage of this flap fitting is its unique, minimal opening resistance.

Free fold double flap lift up fitting

Free fold creates smooth-running double flap lift up solutions and is designed for 450 to 1040 mm tall wall units. The minimal opening resistance ensures that there is an extremely pleasant operating feeling, even with extremely heavy flaps. Optimum operating convenience is provided by the multi-position stop function. Using this function, Free fold can be exactly adjusted for the individual flap weight so that the front panel is locked in every position. The connecting hinge has an integrated safety stop and adjusting facilities for exact alignment of the lower flap. Free fold can be used in practically any of the usual wall units.

The two front panels fold extremely close together, providing optimum access to the cabinet interior. Soft closing and secure holding in the upper limit position are guaranteed. The slimline, minimalist design of the hardware technology (structural width 25.5 mm) provides more space in the cabinet.

Free Swing swing-up front fitting

The Free swing swing-up front fitting is the ideal choice if the furniture flap needs to be swung out over the cabinet. It is designed for 370 to 800 mm tall wall units. This high-quality fitting is also characterised by minimal opening resistance and a multi-position stop. Both the front panel and the cross bar can be fitted without tools. Free swing was shown at interzum as a pto version for front panels without handles.

Free up parallel lift-up front fitting

The new Free up parallel lift-up front fitting from Häfele for cabinet heights of 320-600 mm moves one-piece front panels upwards parallel with the cabinet. It is designed for wall units in kitchen, bathroom and living room furniture and has been designed using the modular principle of the Free product family. Free up uses the same front fixing brackets and identical adapter solutions as Free flap and Free swing, with identical cross bar and length in the latter. The hardware therefore also benefits from unprecedented installation efficiency.

Free E – Additional convenience with electric drives

The new electromechanical drives have been designed as add-on components for all mechanical standard Free flap fittings. The flap can be opened and closed effortlessly and effectively by means of a gentle press on the front panel or the push-button sender embedded in the side panel without the need for manual guidance. Quiet operation, the integrated auto-stop function and the soft closing in the end positions mean that this version is predestined for high-quality furniture construction. E-drives provide maximum operating convenience and are also characterised by the ease of installation and start-up of the drive using Plug and Play. No cabling is required for push-button sender. In the event of a power failure, the flap can also be operated manually with the customary ease.

With the Free flap fittings, Häfele has designed a clever modular system which can be used with all of the most popular flap sizes and materials. The flap fittings can be used in all areas of furniture construction and contribute to increasing the value to the furniture thanks to their functionality and appearance. Free flaps have another competitive advantage due to the option of simple electrification using Plug and Play.

Source: Häfele

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