Furniture connecting fittings are a part of Häfele's core expertise, and have been manufactured for the furniture industry in large quantities for decades by the Nagold-based company. A prime example of these connecting fittings is the Minifix, which has been manufactured millions of times and undergone continuous improvement, and has been reliably holding furniture together all over the world since it was developed by Häfele in 1983. The hardware fittings specialist came to this year's interzum with a new generation of shelf supports and a newly designed Rafix connecting fitting for the furniture industry as well as for joiners/cabinet makers.

The new slimline shelf support generation provides good load-bearing capacity in accordance with the latest standards, which was demonstrated by Häfele on the exhibition booth together with many other connecting fittings for use in different board materials and showcased in various mock-ups. The Rafix 20 has the new, high quality Häfele brand design: The modern and slimline design with flowing lines goes hand in hand with outstanding stability. Its elegant appearance also contributes to enhancing the furniture.

New shelf support generation: Visionary development

At interzum Häfele also introduced a performance-optimised and comprehensive shelf support product range of zinc alloy for the furniture industry and joiners/cabinet makers. The new components with the slimline, appealing Häfele brand design are suitable for fastening shelves made from wood and glass in furniture. The wide product range covers all applications.

The shelf supports are characterised by showing a high load-bearing capacity with minimal shelf lowering. They have been tested in accordance with the latest European standard: DIN EN 16337. The new shelf supports are also impressive because of their extremely slimline design.

Reliable and installation-friendly RTA connector

Rafix 20 provides secure connections in any of the popular types of material, and is predestined for use in RTA furniture in the living room and bedroom furniture industry, as well as by joiners/cabinet makers. It comes with Häfele's well-known and well-tried centric ball principle for 100% safe connection and assembly. Another advantage is its convenient tightening at less than 25 degrees: The patented automatic guidance provides a consistent angled position during tightening and therefore maximum power transmission, which is a decisive advantage. The angular drive is also the guarantee of safe and injury-free assembly because it avoids the risk of slipping or collisions.

The Rafix 20 can also be processed easily and reliably, since a horizontal drill hole is not required. This makes it an economical RTA connector for the furniture industry and joiners/cabinet makers. The new version of the zinc alloy Rafix will be available in different variants (with and without ridge or dowel) from the middle of 2013.

Exemplary connecting fittings variety

Häfele has in-depth knowledge of connecting fittings and a wide range of products. The company demonstrated this at interzum with a comprehensive range of different connecting fittings for providing optimum connections in furniture. One of these connecting fittings is the Tab 18, a universal and inconspicuous shelf connector, with and without locking facility, for screw fixing or plug fitting. Häfele also has connecting fittings in its product range that are suitable for use in lightweight panels with a top layer thickness of 4 mm or above in the form of Tab 20 HC and Rafix 20 HC. These provide connections that remain stable, and they can also be processed in an extremely rational way. Maxifix is the fitting of choice for connections that have to withstand heavy loads, and its counterpart is the Slimfix, which is used for lightweight and small RTA furniture.

Regardless of whether the requirement is ease of installation, multifunctionality, high load-bearing capacity or use in lightweight panels - Häfele has the right connecting fitting.

Source: Häfele GmbH & Co KG


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