Sliding door hardware from Häfele America Co., a leader in savvy and functional hardware solutions, can transform spaces throughout the home including closets, living rooms, garages, kitchens and office areas. With the ability to slide open and close, rather than swing, Häfele sliding solutions save space and are easy to operate. Häfele offers the following sliding solutions to meet the needs of homeowners, regardless of their physical restrictions or space limitations.

• Aluflex is a chic, aluminum-framed sliding door system that saves space and is ideal for closets, garages and other spaces. The door system features a soft-close dampening mechanism to prevent noise and damage to the door and walls. Aluflex can be customized by selecting a bronze or steel finish, the dimensions, number of panels and mullions. Additionally, doors can be designed to match each customer’s individual style by choosing between wood, mirror, Ecoresin and glass infill panels that are available in 20 different finishes. The bottom-mounted track allows Aluflex to slide on carpets, tile and wood, and can accommodate doors up to 88 lbs. or 176 lbs.

• Frontino, a 2012 IWF Challengers Award winner, is state-of-the-art sliding hardware that allows cabinet doors to operate on a single track rather than on separate tracks so doors sit flush when closed. The hardware allows cabinets to close quietly and gently, providing an ideal alternative to the noise and slam of hinged doors. Frontino offers easier access to cabinet interiors for those who may have physical constraints and is ideal for small areas because of its ability to save space versus swinging doors.

• Pull-Out Table Systems are a dream for any kitchen in need of additional countertop space. These self-supporting tables easily slide out from a drawer space to provide additional countertop space for cutting, mixing and other preparation. Häfele offers the Rapid, Presto and Top Flex Pull-Out Table Systems that can easily be installed in place of a drawer or between two cabinets. Additionally, the front panel of a drawer can be customized and screw-mounted directly onto the table to match other cabinetry.

• Clipo hardware enhances the sliding cabinetry experience by making it easy for doors to slide open and close. A unique hydraulic damping system ensures the door comes to a gentle stop and settles elegantly into the closed position. Clipo can be used with wood or glass doors and is offered in a variety of finishes.

Source: Häfele

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