Following the successful launch of its new, hinge-less Free flap stay flap fittings this year, Häfele is now extending this range of fittings. For example, at interzum the Nagold company group exhibited what it already has up its sleeve – based on the existing Free flap 1.7 and 3.15 fittings. A push-to-open solution for these two fittings will soon be available. Other highlights are an electric drive, the extension with the Loox LED lighting system and a low-cost double flap lift up fitting.

The standard version of the two hinge-less stay flap fittings has been met with a considerable amount of interest by series furniture manufacturers since its market launch several months ago. Free flap 1.7 and 3.15 impress with their practical clip-on system for the front, and their ease of operation and cost-efficiency in series furniture production. On the one hand, Häfele has paid special attention to creating an elegant design and an attractive appearance during the development of the two weight classes Free flap 1.7 (for flaps weighing 1-7 kg) and Free flap 3.15 (for flaps weighing

3-15 kg). On the other hand, the fittings have also been tweaked to provide perfect operating convenience and extremely rational and time-saving processing capability. Free flap fittings can deal with all of the usual door height and weight combinations, and also have a good price/performance ratio.

Front panel alignment is child’s play using the adjusting eccentrics integrated in the clip-on system. The result is a perfect gap pattern and flap closing. Free flap holds any flap in the required position thanks to the multi-position stop feature, which can be accurately set using the holding power adjusting facility. Ease of operation is provided by the integrated fine-tuned soft closing mechanism. With Free flap 3.15 an adjusting slider allows the required opening angle to be set to 90° or 107°.

Even more economical without hinges

The Free flap stay flap fitting is in touch with the latest compactness and design trends. Using this fitting allows you to dispense with the hinged front connection that was needed with previous flap applications. Cup drilling on the back of the front panel is no longer required, since the fittings have a combined connecting and holding function. The fitting effortlessly compensates for production tolerances thanks to its numerous adjusting possibilities. Free flap can be installed for many different flap sizes in kitchens, bathrooms, offices and living areas. Another unique advantage of this flap fitting is its unique, minimal opening resistance.

Cost-efficiency and functionality combined in a single product: Because each version of the fitting has its own extensive holding power adjustment range, the Free flap stay flap fittings have low storage costs and also optimise the flow of production. Rational installation that is suitable for industry is provided by the clip-on connection of the flap and lug pre-fixing in the base plate of the fitting.

Free flap with “push-to-open” function

The push-to-open function is an additional feature to Free flap 1.7 and 3.15 that is intended to fulfil the requirement for smooth, handle-less front panels and cubistic furniture styling. This also applies to flaps on wall units. Because push solutions are already commonplace on hinged doors and drawers, flaps were previously excluded. The trick of the Häfele solution is that only a door catch has to be added to the existing Free flaps to be able to open the flap slightly just by touching it. It can then be conveniently opened up to the required position, where it will remain in place. The minimal opening resistance then provides a pleasant operating feeling. The door catch is coordinated to a defined range of front panel weights, and can be drilled in or screwed on. The Free flap 1.7 push and 3.15 push are suitable for use in kitchen, bathroom, office and living room furniture.

A major advantage for fabricators is that unlike competitors that supply special push-to-open fittings, with the Häfele solution they will only need to keep stocks of standard stay flap fittings and merely add the push-to-open ejector unit to them. This simplifies stock-keeping and saves space and money.

Free flap 3.15 E with electric drive

Häfele is also introducing an electric drive for Free flap at interzum to round off the product range for high-quality kitchen, bathroom and living room furniture. The electric drive, which is being exhibited as a prototype on the example of the 3.15, will be available for both model series. A standard driver from the Loox product range is used for the extremely quiet drive, which also includes the option for additional cabinet lighting.

An intuitive press on the front opens the furniture flap, and it is closed by operating the wireless switch that is embedded in the side panel. An automatic safety stop detects obstacles in good time and stops the opening or closing procedure in order to prevent damage. For the convenience solution the soft closing system is already programmed in, and the flap can be opened manually, of course, in the event of a power failure.

Free flap 3.15 with integrated LED lighting

This convenient solution, which was introduced at interzum for the first time, is based on the two standard fittings. The cover caps which are equipped with the LED light strip from the Loox product range are a new feature. The lights cannot be detected from the outside, but provide pleasant indirect and homogeneous lighting in the cabinet interior.

Separate lighting is superfluous with this well thought-out and extremely good-looking solution. By customer request the cover caps are already equipped with Loox lighting, all that the customer has to do is provide a power connection and the relevant cabling. It couldn't be more convenient.

Cost-effective and rational processing:

Free fold double flap lift-up fitting

With Free fold, Häfele is working on a cost-effective and rationally processed double flap lift-up fitting solution for kitchen and bathroom furniture. It is based on a slightly modified Free flap 3.15 standard fitting, which is now equipped with a pair of control levers. There is no need for a hinged connection to the top flap, since the two flaps are connected by the centre hinges that are already in the standard product range.

Free fold has the same processing and adjustment advantages as the two Free flap fittings and covers the most popular cabinet height and front panel weight combinations. The smooth soft closing mechanism provides extremely smooth and quiet closing, and the centre hinge features a finger protection. Thanks to preinstalled Euro screws and pre-fixing using lugs, the fittings are quick and easy to install.

Häfele is complying with the latest trends in the kitchen, bathroom and living room areas with the Free flap fittings and the planned extensions. Designed as a modular system, functionality and convenience can be increased on the basis of the two standard fittings with just a few additional components - individually and in accordance with customer requirements. A clever addition to the system, engineered by Häfele.

Source: Häfele GmbH & Co KG


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