Maximum functionality and optimum convenience: These two objectives have been achieved perfectly with the Slido Classic 70 VF A. This new, modular sliding door system demonstrated its versatility on a four-door cabinet at interzum and impressed the specialists with its running characteristics and outstanding design. The Häfele hardware professionals from Nagold have once again succeeded in highlighting their sliding expertise with this new fitting and other innovations.

Slido Classic 70 VF A: Innovative with additional options

Slido Classic 70 VF A for sliding doors weighing up to 70 kg is a completely new hardware system with which Häfele has pulled out all the stops. The unique feature is its modular system, which can be individually extended at any time:

• by adding the conveniently integrated Smuso soft closing system,

• by adding a Synchro controller, which moves the centre doors of a four-door cabinet synchronously, or

• by adding an electric drive called e-drive

These options can be achieved without having to adapt or modify the fitting. In the full configuration they turn a “normal” sliding door cabinet into an experience in terms of convenience that meets the highest demands. The e-drive electric sliding door drive makes opening and closing large, heavy sliding doors child's play. All you need to do is touch the doors or operate the remote control, and they glide in front of the furniture cabinet and provide access to the interior. The control system also ensures that the doors reach their end position both elegantly and silently. Due to the fact that it is extremely easy to fit to the top of the cabinet, the e-drive is also extremely easy to retrofit.

The Synchro drive provides a visually attractive movement variant for the two front sliding doors: It ensures that when the first door is opened, the second sliding door is automatically opened as well – synchronously and with zero effort. This mechanism provides access to the entire interior behind these two sliding doors. The interior can be illuminated with the Loox lighting system for optimum visibility. When doing this, Loox is actuated using the e-drive, meaning that no additional sensor or switch is needed, since e-drive detects the door position (open/closed) and switches the light on or off accordingly.

Anyone who decides not to use the electric e-drive can still enjoy a considerable degree of sliding convenience: The well-tried Häfele Smuso soft close system provides reliable stopping and gentle closing of the door. This provides a high level of user convenience. The doors are pulled gently into their end position, which also increases the service life of the hardware system.

High-quality system for easy installation

The surface-mounted sliding door system has a well-tried running mechanism with easy-to-operate height adjustment, and is characterised by its outstanding operating convenience and therefore top-class running characteristics. A specially designed running track conceals the hardware, which is installed on top of the cabinet. This possibility to conceal the mechanism by using a decorative strip (made from a high-pressure laminated board) gives the impression of a ceiling-high cabinet, whose doors glide in front of the cabinet without visible equipment.

Of course, ease of installation is also important in such a premium hardware system – and there is also no need for specialist electrical engineering knowledge: Both the e-drive and the Loox lighting system are simply connected using Plug & Play. This takes place without any problem, and the wiring is also easy to deal with. The e-drive is equipped with an extremely quiet motor, meaning that there is no interfering noise to disturb your well-being.

It couldn't be more convenient to install a four-door sliding door cabinet than with the new Classic 70 VF A and its attractive additional options, which applies to furniture manufacturers and cabinet makers and also to consumers. Everyone is simply a winner with the Slido Classic 70 VF A from Häfele.

New “lightweight” Smuso CD 3050 soft closing mechanism for the Classic 50 VF S

Häfele has another new development in the soft closing mechanism area, the Smuso CD 3050. It has been specially developed for the Slido Classic 50 VF S sliding door fitting, and the combination of the two provides optimum convenience. The Slido Classic 50 VF S is suitable for wooden doors weighing up to 50 kg, and is mainly used in bedrooms.

Like all soft closing mechanisms in the Smuso family, the Smuso CD 3050 is an air friction damper, but its dimensions are smaller than those of the Smuso CD premium soft closing mechanism, for example. The soft closing mechanism is directly installed to the running track of the Classic 50 VF S, and they form a unit together. The activators are integrated in the running gears. The advantage of this complete system is the ease and reliability with which they can be installed: The positioning of the soft closing mechanism is predefined, which provides reliable functionality and rules out problem sources during installation. The Smuso CD 3050 dampens the door in the closing direction and pulls it into its end position, which takes place in absolute silence. The “new product” is predestined for the price-sensitive furniture and RTA area because of its simpler but equally robust mechanism.

A solution for any requirement

Häfele put its innovative force in the spotlight at interzum with many other different sliding door systems for a wide range of applications, materials, door weights and sliding versions. Regardless of whether it is the kitchen, the display cabinet, the wardrobe or the living room shelving that is being equipped with sliding doors or whether the furniture is being illuminated or made secure with the Dialock locking system – there are no limits to Häfele's design options. The operating convenience is also increased by soft closing systems for almost any hardware solution.

Source: Häfele GmbH & Co KG,


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