Operation Environment Ranges:

Relative Humidity: 18% to 96%

Temperature: 52°F to 120°F

HPVA Laboratories’ new Variable Environmental Testing ChambersVariable Environmental Chambers (VECs) allow clients to determine how their product will perform in a wide range of environmental conditions. They have proven to be a valuable research and development tool for evaluating product quality and performance, while minimizing risk of claims.

Simulate Environmental Conditions in any Region:

Arid: high temperature and low humidity

Tropical or Semi-tropical: high temperature and high humidity

Temperate: colder and dry/humid cycling

Wood Flooring Resources:

- Custom-designed tools for identifying and accurately measuring dimensional changes.

- Investigate issues commonly observed in the field

- Large chambers accommodate full-scale flooring layups (2’x4’, 4’x4’, or 4’x8’)

- Fully customizable subfloor system built to the client’s specifications.

- Evaluation of the environment’s effect on flooring: (checking, overwood, cupping, bow, gapping, etc.)

Cabinets, Furniture, Doors and Windows

Available to any company interested in knowing how their product will perform by simulating temperature and humidity of end use environments.

- Constant exposure to specified parameters

- Cycling of conditions

- Customized evaluations by HVPA Laboratories staff

Preconditioning, Aging, or Temperature and Humidity Cycling - Prior to Standardized Testing

HPVA Laboratories accredited ASTM test methods typically require specified conditioning temperature and humidity. With the addition of the VECs, clients now have the option of testing performance in any method following specified environmental condition exposures.

Source: HPVA Laboratories

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