As a manufacturer of machines, software and plants for the woodworking industry, joineries and woodworking shops, for the HOMAG Group everything hinges on the development of state-of-the-art products. Virtual reality – the use of virtual machines in realistic environments – is an essential tool for the HOMAG Group in achieving this development objective.

Under the banner of “realityPlus”, the HOMAG Group has succeeded in linking the virtual world to an actual environment to secure a decisive development edge over its competitors – while helping customers to benefit from increased safety, performance and efficiency.

The advantages:

• Secure investments

• Virtual commissioning of machining lines or software

• Virtual testing of physical limits

• Optimum quality by realistic testing environment

• “Walkable” machines

• Training of machine operation on an indestructible machine

realityPlus: Performance plus, safety plus, efficiency plus

Time-consuming conventional machine and plant development is a thing of the past. realityPlus permits faster, more flexible and more detailed development of plant, machine and unit innovations including software right through to the finished product. realityPlus allows boundaries to be virtually sounded out, providing hightech development and process optimization capability, as it provides a seamless transition from the virtual world to the real world. Real plant components can be linked to new virtual components and tested, making this technology additionally available for the smart networking of value adding processes in production. realityPlus allows assured production process reorganization and optimization while in the real world, customer machines and plants work to add value for their owners.

Virtual Reality is more than “just” simulation. By using real control system components, the virtual machine is able to depict real life situations.

Source: HOMAG Group

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