WESTBROOK, ME - With wood remaining a principal component in so many of the products and commodities relied on today, Steve Parrish, Vice President of H.A. Stiles, isn’t surprised that the company now finds itself in its 101st year as a large scale supplier of wooden dowels and other wood components.

H.A. Stiles Celebrates 101 Years as a Wood Dowel SupplierWhen asked about the company’s longevity, Parrish explains, “Wood products like ours are just about everywhere. They’re in your home, your office, and many of the things you handle and interact with every day.” He continues to explain that for 101 years now, H.A. Stiles has been a provider of wood products such as wood dowels, wood turnings, wood handles, columns, balusters, boxes, moldings, plugs, and more. Ultimately,” It’s not about the places where you will find products like our wood dowels, it’s the fact that there are very few places where you won’t find them. They’re that ubiquitous.”

Regarding the company’s anniversary, Parrish says, “We’re very excited about this milestone, and we’re taking the opportunity to look forward as much as we’re looking back. Our goal is to continue improving our business so we can continue to expand our reach and capabilities as a premier source of wood dowels and more.”

Parrish explains that H.A. Stiles has combined the company’s many years of experience and knowledge base to create unique production scenarios that are often not available under one roof. This has allowed H.A. Stiles to become a wood dowel distributor that offers a wide range of standard and custom wood dowels with extra operations for the diverse applications that customers require. Sizes and lengths available include diameters from 1/12” to 3” and lengths ranging from less than 1 inch to 12 feet or more, working in a variety of species.

For more information on wood dowels and more from H.A. Stiles, visit http://www.hastiles.com

Source: H.A. Stiles


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