Guy Bucasas to Serve as Emcee for BSRA National Championship
May 28, 2013 | 2:50 pm UTC

SANTA FE SPRINGS, CA - Accuride and the Belt Sander Racing Association announce they have secured Guy Bucasas as the event announcer for the upcoming National Championship Belt Sander Races set for Thursday, July 25th, 2013, 4 p.m. at AWFS®Fair in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The 2013 event marks the third time Bucasas will act as the announcer for the BSRA National Championships, where he has become a crowd favorite known for his running commentary and lively banter. In addition to the National Championships, Bucasas has emceed several BSRA regional races held at Accuride distributor locations along the west coast.

“I have a lot of fun at these events,” says Bucasas. “And these races are so much more awesome in person—it’s like a circus—how could you not have fun?” I even race my own sander! I like to tell people, if you want to see speed, action, and the epitome of belt sander racing—do not look at my sander. Look at the one next to mine.”

BSRA President Jamie Goodwin originally recruited Bucasas for the 2009 championships because of his effervescent personality. Goodwin said, “Guy is such a unique and eccentric person, I didn’t have to think twice—I knew he would be perfect!”

Bucasas wasn’t as sure as Goodwin about the venture, but once he arrived at that first race, saw the crowd-packed grandstands, spectators crammed up against the rails, pretty girls tossing Frisbees and T-shirts to the crowd, and the array of wildly festooned sanders, he knew he was in his element.

“Here I am—someone who’s public speaking experience consisted of an oral report in a high school English class—now tasked with announcing the BSRA National Championship Belt Sander Races—and I love it. I love the excitement, the pageantry, and the clever and well-built sanders,” said Bucasas. One of his personal favorites was a sander designed to look like Seattle’s historic Kalakala Ferry.

The BSRA National Championship Races feature speed-obsessed competitors who race stock and modified belt sanders down a 75-foot wooden track. The fastest and best-dressed sanders take home trophies and special awards presented by Accuride.

This year, the event will include a new competition, the Crash & Smash Demolition Derby. Participants with sacrificial sanders can register for the head-on “Crash” segment or the “Smash” segment, where sanders will careen into a post specially designed to cause sanders to break apart. Contestants will earn prizes, with the most spectacular crash taking home a trophy.

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