Morrison, Tenn. - The industry’s first full life-cycle renewal program, Accu-Router’s Green CNC has come to competitive fixed gantry, ballscrew-driven machines. THIS IS NOT A REBUILD. Emerging technology and know-how make this Green CNC at least twice as productive, at under half its original cost – with a full new machine warranty and lifetime Accu-Router support.

Green CNC Comes to Competitive RoutersState of the art in 1989, this competitive pallet shuttle router was gathering dust at a major furniture manufacturer.

What drives the new performance?

1. Re-redesigned high-efficiency flow-through vacuum holddown system, minimizing part movement

2. Up to four times faster machine motion and cutting feedrates for substantially more output

3. Enhanced operator communications and control diagnostics

4. Liquid-chilled 15HP spindle and programmable “3+2” vertical drill for higher speed and efficiency, including plunge cutting to 600 in/min

5. Screen-displayable CNC ladder safety and logic sequencing with editing capability

6. New way bearings to restore original tolerances

7. Automatic cornering software offering precise geometry, significantly reduced machine cycle times

8. The latest in servo motor performance with 50% less power consumption

9. New machine warranty on all new components, slashing maintenance costs

10. This Accu-Router can be retrofitted with automatic material handling for higher output

11. New one year machine warranty comes with all new components and two years on Fanuc control for lower maintenance costs, and

12. Accu-Router’s free lifetime factory training and support

The re-designed vacuum system has four large access points per pallet table versus one original. The machine will be equipped with new ball screws designed to deliver more speed.

The new Fanuc model 0i-MD with 10.4-inch color LCD monitor truly brings this system into the 21st century, separating it from a “rebuild”. Programs can be seamlessly loaded via an embedded Ethernet port, one gigabyte data server, or Compact Flash slot. The control has 512K of memory and a new manual pulse generator.

What’s more, Fanuc matches the servo motor technology on its new controls to deliver maximum system performance, a major advancement from 1989. High-efficiency Alpha Series drive systems pump energy back into the power line when the machine is decelerating. Combined with cycle time reductions, that can reduce power consumption by 50 percent or more.

An Accu-Router Green CNC comes standard with a new one year machine warranty for all new components and two years on the Fanuc control and drives, lowering maintenance cost for several years. Accu-Router’s responsive supply chain further breathes new life and reliability into each Green CNC.

For this upholstered furniture manufacturer, Accu-Router has already designed an automatic conveyor system that could be field retrofitted for up to two pallet shuttle machines. This option can dramatically raise cell output.

The best news with this Green CNC is it costs about half the original machine price and will double the operating life expectation. More competitive fixed gantry, ballscrew-driven routers are sure to follow, helping customers leverage their original investment. For more information, connect with Accu-Router today.

Source: Accu-Router Inc.


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