Gorman Brothers Lumber Ltd. Looks to the Future
December 3, 2011 | 11:00 am CST

SAN DIEGO, CA -- In a report in Business Review Canada, Cameron Cook shares some insight on Gorman Brothers Lumber Ltd. and how it has become a leader within the construction industry.

Gorman Brothers Lumber Ltd. started in 1951. The brothers quickly began to develop as the years continued. At first the lumber company was a fruit box business and then eventually the brothers climbed the ropes to success.

In 1953 the brothers established a small sawmill. The saws allowed for greater production. By the mid 1950s the business obtained a timber license that permitted the company to hire more people and do much larger work. In 1999 a 'Waco Molder' replaced the old planer and the company sky-rocketed with a 60,000 square foot lumber storage building that was also added to the mill.

"This is a great family business; they treat you like family," Cook says. "The workers are an incredible group of people."

Cook said all the employees are a team and they feel that they are the reason the company is as successful as it is today. Gorman Brothers plans to enter into Europe and expand its business beyond. Of course the company is always willing to listen to client base and be in tune with the marketing place.

"We want to always keep improving at everything," Cook says. "If this business continues to run like a family, it will constantly be advancing and be proactive."

About Gorman Brothers Lumber Ltd.:

Gorman Brothers opened in the 1950s by two brothers, John and Ross Gorman. Right away Gorman began to expand, by adding a timber license and then eventually modern technology. Gorman continues to be a leader in lumber because of its precise clientele expertise and experience in the field. The family business is looking to keep growing and expanding through their successes.

Source: Business Review Canada

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