Giardina Finishing and Mauri Macchine Press Conference at Xylexpo
May 19, 2014 | 7:12 pm CDT
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Giampiero Mauri, Mauri Macchine and Giardina Finishing President, at Xylexpo
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Stefano Tibè, Giardina Finishing sales manager, and Giampiero Mauri, Mauri Macchine and Giardina Finishing President, at Xylexpo

Giardina Finishing and Mauri Macchine: Two brands, one global point of reference for everything related to the treatment of surfaces. A History of skills, experience, research and innovation together that has lasted for over forty years; four decades marked by constant commitment in the development and manufacturing of high-tech solutions, machines and systems designed - together with the client, with those who have to work every day with those technologies - to provide the best possible solution, whether it be a line of great complexity or the most basic machine.

The protagonist, the common thread of these forty years of history is Giampiero Mauri, President Mauri Macchine and Giardina Finishing, firm believer that the success of a company is measured by its being a worldwide landmark in technology. A vision that allowed him - together with his partners - to achieve prestigious objectives. First of all, to revive the brand Giardina Finishing, synonymous with excellence since the seventies, market leader, also with technical excellence and attention to the needs of its customers.

A strong synergy, through which the two companies can now propose to the world markets - together - the most comprehensive range of solutions for the finishing and painting, a wealth of technology that no one else can match.

Giardina Finishing has forty years of experience in coating solutions in the fields of Wood, Glass, Plastic, Metal and Composite: application by spray, roller, curtain coater, vacuum and much more.

The drying and curing techniques have always been a highlight of Giardina Finishing, a pioneer in UV curing technology, since the seventies, and a leader in the process of drying of water-based paints with the "MOS" technology and, for some years now, with a brand-new integrated technology "application-UV drying", called "GST INERPLUS", which allows to apply new coating systems by which to achieve high quality standards, excellent "High Gloss" in finishing.

Mauri Macchine complements the proposals by Giardina Finishing, strong of its forty years of experience in the Wood field, offering a unique expertise in systems for the coating of profiles in general. For over ten years they have developed solutions for robotic spray painting for small batches - "customer order" products - in anticipation of a few years on the demands of a market that is increasingly driven by the "just in time" concept: the ever customized, special customization, the effective and efficient management of increasingly small lots.

A journey that has seen Mauri Macchine particularly proactive in terms of complete plants for the treatment of laminated wood, which is increasingly widespread in the building industry, where the word "bio-sustainability" is gaining in importance.

The high capacity of Mauri Macchine in developing and implementing complex solutions for the handling and manipulation of the artifacts has allowed Giardina Finishing to offer to customers around the world important complete finishing solutions, leveraging the resources and capabilities within the group , ensuring maximum reliability and - above all - serving as a single point of contact, offering know-how, technology, pre-and post-sales.

Crucial in this process of constant growth is the steady relationship with the major paint manufacturers and complementary industries around the world, because only by working together it is possible to interpret the needs of a customer and offer them exactly what they expect as an end result of the painting process they have chosen

"Reliability, productivity, quality and flexibility. These are the buzzwords that have always characterized the work of our group," said Giampiero Mauri. "These are the principles that have allowed us to get to be the leading company in the process of finishing around the world. Today - continued Mauri - we rely on the work of 72 employees for a total turnover of 15 million euro, of which over 90 per cent achieved thanks to exports. This is the business card of Giardina Finishing and Mauri Macchine, two realities that - together - represent Italian excellence in the field of painting and finishing. "

A record that is also supported through participation in the most important international exhibitions, a presence necessary to emphasize constantly the active and consistent involvement in all markets relevant for the group.

The speakers were:

Giampiero Mauri, Mauri Macchine and Giardina Finishing President

Stefano Tibè, Giardina Finishing sales manager

Source: Giardina Finishing and Mauri Macchine

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