General introduces its PalmScope DCS950, a pocket-sized, full featured video inspection system.
General introduces its PalmScope DCS950, a pocket-sized, full featured video inspection system.

NEW YORK, NY -- The new PalmScope (DCS950) from General Tools & Instruments is more than the world’s first full-featured pocket-sized video inspection system. It’s also a rugged device that’s built to survive harsh environments and rigorous tasks, which makes it suitable for woodworking plants and manufacturing facilities.

The PalmScope offers a cost-effective way to visually inspect hazardous or inaccessible areas without the need for disassembly or repositioning, including:

· inspecting machinery to assess and diagnose problems

· supporting routine equipment maintenance

· reading hidden part, serial and model numbers

· locating items that have fallen behind machinery or workbenches

Retailing for less than $150, the PalmScope sets a new standard for video inspection affordability, utility and convenience. About the size of a smartphone and weighing about half a pound, the instrument is easy to carry around, especially using the included nylon pouch with belt clip. Its unique clamshell design allows the camera-tipped probe to be coiled safely and conveniently inside the device. Plus, it can be operated with one hand. Just five control buttons—power on/off, brightness up, brightness down, video zoom and video flip—make it practical and user-friendly. Zoom video up to 4X to spot elusive problems, information or objects. Press the 180-degree video flip button to instantly turn upside-down labels and serial numbers right-side up.

The PalmScope’s simple operation is complemented by valuable specs and safety features. The integral 2 ft. (0.6m) long probe with a 0.35 in. (9mm) diameter camera tip enables maneuvering in very tight spaces. It’s also water-, oil- and dust-proof to IP67 standard. The camera offers a depth of field of 1 in. to 10 ft. (25mm to 3m) and a 60-degree field of view. Four powerful LEDs on the camera head allow the PalmScope to produce bright, crisp video on a 2.7 in. (69mm) high-contrast, high-resolution color LCD screen. With its rugged thermoplastic rubber housing and integral LCD, the unit is certified drop-proof to a height of 1m (3.4 ft.). The PalmScope includes four probe tip accessories (45-degree mirror, pickup hook, magnetic pickup and thread protector) plus a User’s Manual and a 1-year limited warranty.

See General’s new PalmScope (DCS950) at Booth 5972 at IWF 2014, August 20-23 at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta.

The instrument will be on display and available for order.

About General Tools & Instruments:

Headquartered in New York City since 1922, General Tools & Instruments remains the market leader in precision specialty hand tools. Recent product advancements and corporate acquisitions have expanded General’s line to include over 1,500 precision tools and hand-held instruments. This vast array of products is widely used by contractors, professionals, technicians, DIYers and hobbyists in a broad range of industries. To learn more about General Tools & Instruments and its products, visit or call Customer Support at 1-800-697-8665.

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