NEW YORK, NY  --  The new series of USB Humidity/Temperature Data Loggers from General Tools & Instruments, makes long-term, unattended monitoring of a myriad of environments easier and less costly. Each unit in General’s HT Series enables users to keep an eye on temperature and humidity levels in virtually any setting—from warehouses, storage and manufacturing facilities, office buildings, woodworking shops and labs to shipping containers and vans, greenhouses, freezers, HVACR installations and more. Although not much bigger than a thumb drive, each unit can record up to16,000 data points (up to 8,000 pairs of ambient temperature and relative humidity [RH] readings) over a period of days, weeks or months, and the captured and stored data can be uploaded to a PC by plugging the unit into a USB port. The series comprises three instruments, each with different attributes and value price points.

Unlike competitive offerings, General’s HT Series eliminates the need to bring a laptop to the job site because the user can start and stop logging with the simple push of a button. Included software on mini-disc is used to set the sampling interval (from 10 seconds to 12 hours) as well as Hi and Lo alarm setpoints for humidity and temperature. The software automatically syncs the internal clock of each data logger to the clock of the computer used to configure it, so there’s no need to enter the date and time manually. The software also automatically calculates dew points and displays them along with humidity and temperature readings using the powerful, interactive Curve Viewer program. The USB interface means there’s no need for cables, cradles or docks to connect to a computer, and all data logs and calculations can be viewed as tables or graphs, or exported with one click to Microsoft Excel or Word.

The mid-range HT20 features an LCD that shows real-time temperature and humidity readings and indicates the instrument’s working status. The HT50 and HT10 share all of the features and specifications of the HT20. However, the HT50 includes an integral IR thermometer for spot-checking surface temperatures, while the HT10 relies on two LEDs to indicate working status.

Each member of the HT Series has a temperature measurement range of -4° to 158°F (-20° to 70°C), a response time of 0.5 seconds and +/-0.7°F (0.4°C) accuracy. The RH measurement range is 10 to 90% with a 5-second response time and +/-3% accuracy. The IR thermometer in the HT50 has a measurement range of -4° to 482°F (-20° to 250°C).

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