GRASS at interzum: Innovative and Functional Solutions
May 27, 2015 | 2:31 pm CDT

GRASSGRASS looks back very positively on the experiences made at the company’s trade fair stand at this year's interzum in Cologne. The presentation of pioneering product innovations and a revealing lightweight design study attracted much of the attention. The GRASS stand concept has already received numerous awards and with the Nova Pro Scala innovation as the centrepiece it once again proved to be a genuine eye-catcher. Looking back at this year's world-leading trade fair event, significant increases in trade fair contacts compared with the already very successful event two years ago, a profoundly positive response from dedicated specialists and the interzum jury award are considered an excellent result for the movement systems specialist.

GRASSGRASS once again demonstrated the company's innovative force at this year's event. The movement systems specialist presented a host of in-novations and enhancements characterised in particular by minimalistic product design and individual options to meet the requirements of mod-ern furniture making. Crowds flocked to the trade fair stand to catch a glimpse of new products, such as the new Nova Pro Scala double-wall drawer system or the Tavinea 91 organisation system to name only two highlights that boosted the success of GRASS this year. The company also impressively staged its high demands to application-based product concepts thanks to a lightweight design study. "interzum 2015 has proven to be GRASS' biggest success at trade fairs throughout the past years. The visitor numbers were significantly higher than in 2013. This excellent result is based on our continuous research and development projects, but naturally also on the devoted commitment of all GRASS teams", Ronald Weber, GRASS chairman, explains.

GRASSPrize-winning: Nova Pro Scala

In addition to the positive response from dedicated specialists, the design expertise at GRASS was also showcased by the well-renowned interzum Award jury. The manufacturer won the award in the "High product quality" category for outstanding design performance in terms of shape and function. "The award confirms that we must continue to focus even more intensively on innovative solutions that make it easier for our customers to design appealing furniture".

Compliance with minimalistic and individual design demands: an overview of product highlights

GRASSThis year GRASS showcased innovations from different product seg-ments which are all linked by one common element: compliance with minimalistic and individual design demands.

In terms of double wall drawer systems GRASS was able to attract the attention of the crowds thanks to the modular Nova Pro Scala com-plete drawer system. Nova Pro Scala opens up completely new design and differentiation options for industrial and commercial customers with its technology that has been reduced to a minimalistic height of only 41 millimetres. Our solutions with large glass surfaces - an absolute, worldwide innovation - but also the individualisation options thanks to so-called design strips, positioned on drawer sides with magnets, were met by very high degrees of public interest.

Visitors were also very impressed by Tiomos M0 which was developed for use with particularly thin, yet heavy materials, such as stone slabs, Corian or aluminium. Tool-free damper settings that have been com-pletely integrated into the hinge arm, a feature that all products in this series share, make sure the door closes smoothly, regardless of its size and weight.

Customers and visitors also praised how the in-house organisation system to match all GRASS drawer systems has been staged. Tavinea 91 is able to create a number of options with only a few standard elements to accurately proportion the required storage space with flexible slider elements – and in this process, GRASS will of course also take care of functionality and visual design. With either a horizontal, vertical or diagonal arrangement, the design object turns any drawer into a small, individual work of art.

Designing the future: GRASS presents lightweight design study

GRASSThe influence of lightweight design will continue to gain in importance in the near future, and the requirements to be met by movement systems will change and grow. It can already be said today that the willingness to save volume and weight when developing new products is increasing considerably. GRASS has already reacted to the trend towards light-weight design and this is reflected in the selection of particularly slim shapes and light materials which go hand in hand with a wide range of contemporary furniture design. In order to continue to enhance this competence in the future and be able to maintain the high internal de-mands for innovative force, GRASS has developed a lightweight design study together with the well-renowned designer Herbert H. Schultes and university professor Fritz Frenkler from TU Munich. The results at the heart of this study were also presented to the public at the trade fair with the aim of integrating conclusions into the development of future product generations.

"interzum has boosted everyone's motivation to stay focussed on the course we have set. We will already be able to turn our innovations into specific projects within the next months. We have also incorporated im-portant industry trends into our products and the lightweight design study. We are keen to continue this dialogue", Ronald Weber explains.

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