GRAND RAPIDS, MI - GR Makers is excited to announce the arrival of two new major tools for the maker space, a 5,000 sq. foot increase in space, and a Grand Opening celebration to enjoy it all! We're growing exponentially, both literally and figuratively, and now it's time to celebrate. On June 28th from 11-5pm we're inviting everyone to eat, drink, make, and be merry in our space at 401 Hall St SW Suite 185 Grand Rapids, MI 49503. Bring your family and friends and see what we're all about.

You'll explore our new 5,000 sq. foot event space as well as our renovated shop that houses a whole host of exciting tools and contraptions. With ~8,000 sq. feet of space to explore, activities for all ages, and a virtual science fair of projects we've been working on. You'll get a taste of the most exciting things happening in Grand Rapids' maker community. Two things you certainly won't want to miss are the new laser cutter and a new 3D Printer. Each new tool uniquely enhances the GR Makers experience and opens up new possibilities for our members.

Our first arrival is a large 150 watt laser cutter with a 4.5' x 3' cutting area. The computer-guided laser cutter etches and cuts a whole range of materials including wood, organic glass, plastics, garments, paper, leather, rubber and more.

Our makers have already been using it for prototypes and final products including furniture, signage, jewelry, wood toolboxes, and more. Any member can signup for a basic training class and get started creating today. The laser cutter was made entirely possible through our partnership with the great folks at TEKTON Tools and Start Garden.

We're also thrilled about our CubeX 3D printer which is set to arrive on May 19th. The CubeX printer has a larger print area than the average Makerbot and allows users to print in two colors. With the CubeX you can print objects as large as a basketball. Many thanks to Burton Precision for their donation and support.

So come on over to GR Makers any day, but be sure to join us on June 28th for our grand opening. We're excited to celebrate all the great things that are happening in Grand Rapids' maker community. For more information email Mallory at [email protected] or call us at 616.475.4225616.475.4225  .

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