Living space is always becoming scarcer and more sought after, especially in major cities – making it more expensive. It is logical that when space is at a premium, living spaces become smaller. Urban planners and architects refer to this as higher density. Less space also means an increased need for functional living ideas so that even smaller spaces can comfortably accommodate all the essential activities: living, cooking, eating, working and sleeping. It’s an undertaking to which Häfele has devoted itself for several years. And Häfele has inspired furniture manufacturers with unique ideas. At interzum the hardware and fittings specialist from Nagold presented its interpretation of the widespread trend toward “reduced living space” – the result is the impressive “Functionality Loft”, which caused a sensation among visitors.

Functional furniture from Häfele, such as that exhibited at interzum or at the Häfele Functionality World exhibitions, is not a mere slave to function; rather it represents a fascinating interpretation of tasteful living, pleasant working atmosphere and restful sleep – the ultimate all-in-one. These furniture ideas feature modern design and are equally suited to small apartments and large, representative spaces while ensuring a high standard of living comfort. They serve as an example to professionals in showing what can be accomplished with modern fittings and hardware. Häfele installed a selection of these elegant and minimal living ideas in a 48 m2-exhibition space at interzum.

The “Functionality Loft” features a fully functional single-line kitchen, including integrated appliances neatly concealed behind sliding doors; a kitchen island including a hob, pull-out dining table and counter; a wall unit including a hidden desk, bed and transparent shelf; as well as a sideboard with a TV that can be hidden away when not in use. And yet, despite all of these features, the space appears surprisingly airy and spacious. This effective installation shows that limited space doesn’t have to feel cramped. The furniture ideas by Häfele provide a pleasing combination of aesthetics and design on one hand, and functionality and intelligent use of space on the other.

Furniture becomes a quick-change artist

Multifunctional furniture offers exciting functions that translate into limitless design options. Examples? Just think of the sideboard with its refined high-gloss front panels concealing the TV; at the push of a button, it appears and when desired disappears again afterwards. Feel like a cocktail? There’s a bar concealed behind the centre door. Rather read? The area on the left is reserved for a small library. There's no shortage of acoustic power either. Simply move both doors to the left to reveal the stereo system, which is connected to the exterior speakers on the left and right. This sideboard is a true multi-talent and has what it takes to become an instant classic.

The mobile pop-up bar is the perfect way to enjoy all the little breaks in

life – compact and stylish, its integrated castors allow it to be wherever you need it, instantly. Simply press on the lid and the bar opens up, complete with glasses, bottles and snacks.

Tavoletto by Häfele: To sleep or to work – that is the question

Tavoletto is the most versatile piece in the new Häfele furniture range – featuring lighting effects, generous storage space and sophisticated folding mechanisms. Its four modules can be combined as desired, enabling it to serve as the perfect partner throughout all the different phases of life. This multifunctional furniture is a bed and workplace in one, while also offering storage space for both guest rooms and small student accommodations. All the modules can be combined as desired for optimal living comfort.

The single-line kitchen – high-class, high-quality and tidy

Thanks to its closed front panels, the single-line kitchen always appears tidy. The folding doors can be opened and closed in a flash – ideal for entertaining last-minute guests. Once open, the doors dissolve into thin air, so to speak, to show the full extent of the added value furniture features: the single-line kitchen is equipped with a sink, worktop, glass shelves, a plinth drawer for optimum use of storage space, a dishwasher drawer for comfortable loading and unloading, a step stool and a cleaning agent pull-out. In short, a valuable piece that's sure to please, whether open or closed.

The kitchen island is a real eye-catcher and forms the heart of the kitchen area. The combination of the easy-to-clean worktop and bright high-gloss panels lends this multifunctional furniture quiet elegance. The kitchen island offers a surprising and delightful range of functions: dining table, pull-out worktop with a hob underneath featuring an integrated downdraft extractor hood, plinth lighting, plinth drawers, storage area for cutlery, dinnerware, pans, table sets, books and a bottle pull-out. All of this makes living in a smaller space pure comfort.

Source: Häfele GmbH & Co KG


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