COLUMBUS, OH -- Franklin International has made it as easy to access information on its Titebond brand of adhesives, caulks and sealants as it is to use them: The company has fully redesigned the website with an eye to smooth navigability, enabling visitors to instantly search more than 100 Titebond products as well as how-to and other useful information.

The site offers visitors several ways to find the right product for the job. They can search by product category, brand name, specification and VOC-compliance. They also can access a single index of all Titebond products, grouped by categories. A click on the product name opens that product’s page. From any page on the website, visitors also can connect to Materials Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) or an index of product literature.

Once woodworkers, construction pros or DIYers identify the right product, they can quickly find out where to purchase it. They simply click on the “Where to Buy” tool to locate retailers, distributors and online catalogs that offer Titebond products.

Franklin International is deeply committed to supporting customers on the job and has included a plethora of helpful information on the website. Visitors can scroll through a glossary of key terms and definitions, application tips, FAQs and a handy specifications guide. They can view a number of “how to” multimedia videos, housed on the Titebond channel on YouTube.

The site also includes a community feed to capture the latest tweets and on-line news stories related to construction and woodworking industries.

As a pioneer in environmentally friendly products, Franklin also includes a large section on green building on the site, replete with an interactive green house. As the visitor’s mouse passes over the house, rooms light up; a click on that room brings up a list of green products for use in that area.

“Franklin has focused on developing a broad line of Titebond products to give our customers the ideal adhesive solution for any specific woodworking, construction or remodeling application,” notes Craig Stone, director of marketing. “Now, we have launched the new to help them easily identify the right Titebond product for the job – and apply it appropriately to achieve optimum performance. The new site is as focused on providing useful information as it is on connecting our customers with our products.”

As comprehensive as the site already is, Franklin plans to build upon it in the near future, developing social media and continually adding informational resources for woodworkers, construction professionals, flooring contractors and DIYers.

Source: Franlin International


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