Jeffersonville, Indiana - On October 5, 2011 FormWood was contacted by a representative of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers regarding a project requiring bamboo panels that will meet the definitions of the Buy America Act. FormWood Industries, Inc. is excited to announce that they can comply with the Buy America Act-50% rule, due to the fact that the company purchases component materials from other U.S. manufacturers and build bamboo panels in their Jeffersonville, Ind. plant.

As demands increase for U.S. manufactured and environmentally friendly products used in today's "green" building efforts, FormWood, Inc. is meeting those needs with an expanded line of sustainable products like bamboo plywood and bamboo veneer. Bamboo is a “green” product that is sustainable, renewable, and known for its strength, durability and attractiveness. A large woody grass, it yields many harvests over its typical 25 to 50 year life cycle. Manufactured from natural Moso bamboo, bamboo is also famous for its straightness. Because of its natural ability to renew rapidly, bamboo is the perfect option for those looking for sleek and environmentally friendly plywood and veneer options.

“Our customers are increasingly involved with FSC Certified and LEED Certified and environmentally friendly projects. As a partner in their project success, it is imperative that we continue to offer renewable and green products like bamboo plywood. Offering more choices encourages our customers to support green building efforts,” says FormWood President, Todd Smith.

Bamboo veneer and plywood can be used for a wide range of interior projects, including architectural panels, countertops, furniture, millwork, cabinetry and store fixtures. When combined with one of Formwood's backer sheets, bamboo veneer is an easy-to-use product for almost any woodworking project.

The bamboo veneer sheets that FormWood Industries, Inc. offers are available in the standard size of 4 feet by 8 feet on any of their fine backer options. FormWood has an assorted selection of bamboo veneer and bamboo plywood options in four different cuts and colors:

Narrow Cane (vertical) Caramel Bamboo

Narrow Cane (vertical) Natural Bamboo

Wide Cane (horizontal) Caramel Bamboo

Wide Cane (horizontal) Natural Bamboo.

Core options include: MDF, Veneer Core, Particleboard, NAUF core and Fire-rated core. Panels can be laminated on just one side, or both if necessary. For color samples, phone ordering information, literature request and ordering online, visit the FormWood website.

About FormWood Industries, Inc.

FormWood Industries, Inc. specializes in assisting manufacturers, architects and construction professionals with high-quality stock and custom wood veneer products for many uses and applications, including cabinets, store fixtures, furniture, doors, perimeter walls, casegoods, yacht interiors, building design and many more. Visit the FormWood website to find out more about wood veneer.

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