SHANDONG, CHINA - The government of Sishui County, in Shandong Province, China recently launched the Forestation Project of 2014, in which government sectors such as Forestry, Technology as well as Agriculture all attended for the promotion of Acer Truncatum planting. Local farmer units, cooperatives, as well as local farmers were arranged to plant the acer truncatum by local authorities in the pre-determined fields of hills and mountains.

This activity is aimed at expanding the amount of land in which Acer Truncatum is planted in, and to lay a good foundation for future planting activities with government requests, scientific planning and coordination.

Sishui County, as the national verdurization model county, concentrated on forestation projects and environmental protection activities. As afforestation is regarded as the most important concern to the government of Sishui, the 2014 Forestation Project in Jining City was held in Sishui County.

The local government is dedicated to helping and supporting the Acer Truncatum project, especially in the area of basement building, research platforms, talent recruitment and the promotion of acer truncatum. This dedication accelerates the development of the Acer Truncatum project, and also ensures the supply of sufficient raw materials for Acer Truncatum related products.

The CEO of CYIG, Mr. Yan Tinghe said, "The promotion of Acer Truncatum planting is like adding a pair of wings to our company, as we can have more spaces to develop. Moreover, we are aiming to improve our Acer Truncatum-related products to make our company stronger, bigger as well as greater. Thus, we must make full use of the resource and take the right chance."

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