Valencia, Spain - Feria Valencia live the last hours of Cevisama, Feria Habitat Valencia, Fimma and Maderalia, the four exhibitions that were held this week together under the 'See You in Valencia 2014' initiative and have exceeded expectations with a high level of business, a strong international component and a prominent influx of buyers.

A lack of comprehensive official data –that will be processed once they have closed the doors of the four exhibitions at 19 pm-feelings among the exhibitors are very positive.

The large influx of both domestic and international buyers has been the largest value that exhibitors from both Fimma and Maderalia have referred to at the time to take stock of this 36th edition of the shows, specializing in the wood and furniture industry supply offer.

Fimma-Maderalia - More Business and VisitorsIn general lines have referred to the new formula to hold Fimma-Maderalia, Cevisama and Habitat Valencia simultaneously as a bet for success by enabling sharing customers and making the advancing of all new trends available to all participants that present currently within each of the sectors represented at the exhibitions.

As Sara Gil, head of marketing for the firm Faus Group said, "historically we have always been present at Maderalia but in recent years we had stopped. And we had come without really knowing what we would find, and the truth is that they have far exceeded our expectations." For her, "the most notorious is that we believe that the domestic market has regained confidence and so have many local professionals who have visited us these days." As she explained, "stores have been very excited and betting heavily on the quality product."

Meanwhile Francisco Luna, CEO of Biesse Ibérica has ensured that the most significant aspect of the current edition of Fimma has been the large number of international clients, mainly from North African and South American countries such as Peru, Ecuador and Brazil that they have come to stand for the company to get to know their offer. According to him, "we believe the key to success has been the parallel holding of Cevisama because this sample has great power to attract foreign buyers." "And for us-he added-matching the supply of the four exhibitions is without a doubt the ideal system to save a current crisis situation."

Both exhibitors of Fimma and Maderalia have talked business and closing orders during the course of the salons.

Significant international presence at Cevisama

At the ceramics event, exhibitors argue that the influx of international professionals has been massive, far superior to previous editions, but some also stress that it is beginning to do business in the domestic market and are hopeful that this year marks the cycle change. "Cevisama has become to sell in the domestic market and that did not happen for years," says commercial director of Vives, Juan Ramón Ruipérez. A feeling in the matching from Natucer, whose leaders emphasize that the domestic buyer "starts moving, starting to lose their fear."

Another constant in the valuations that exhibitors make this year is the large number of prescribers linked to interior design and major projects that have visited Cevisama. In this regard, the commercial director of Vives confirms the remarkable influx of interior designers to his stand. In his view, "I am sure that the coincidence with the Habitat fair has been an influence, I do not know by how much, but I can say that in some cases we have been told explicitly that there were visitors from Habitat who also wanted to know our product."

Similarly Aparicio pronounce: "We are pleased in general. We have had many foreigners, more influx of domestic buyers and many more interior designers than in previous years, which makes us think that the coincidence with Habitat has helped attract this profile," says Victor Alfaro, head of marketing for the firm.

Optimism returns to Habitat

Meanwhile, Feria Habitat Valencia closes its 50th anniversary edition with optimism and confidence in the future. The configuration of the event as a selection of 'premium' brands strongly oriented towards internationalization and the 'contract' segment (comprehensive equipment for authorities) and the synergies generated with Cevisama and Fimma Maderalia have been the keys of a qualified edition by many exhibitors edition as the "best" of the latest editions.

"Without a doubt, Habitat has shown a cyclical change," says Emilio Revert, from the Contradictions high decoration firm. "The 'premium' bet of the exhibition is very successful as customers themselves admit. We have seen a steady shift of both Cevisama visitors towards Habitat and vice versa," explains this businessman, who admits "buyers with so much purchasing power in North Africa, Russia and Latin America, especially."

Meanwhile, from the Inclass cutting edge design firm, its 'export manager' Marta Alacreu recognized "the wisdom of the new orientation of Feria Habitat Valencia. We needed both exhibitors and the fair and the sector in general." Alacreu highlighted "the great opportunities that are offered to a prescriber who initially came to see ceramics and found supply all furniture, lighting and textiles. Many architects have traveled to Valencia to prescribe to building materials but have also taken note to prescribe to interior elements. In only one trip they have virtually done all the project work, and that's very interesting."

The exhibition is live today until late a constant influx of buyers and professionals, following the same vein as the previous three days.

Source: Feria Valencia

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