PARKERSBURG, W. VA. — Festool has given its innovative Domino joining system a major upgrade, creating a bigger, stronger joiner that will handle an almost unlimited array of large projects with the same precision and accuracy of the original model. The new joiner can be ordered at Woodcraft for delivery June 1.

Festool’s New Domino Joiner Available at WoodcraftPowered by a 720-watt motor, the 11.4 lb. Domino XL DF 700 Joiner uses thicker, longer tenons and creates mortises up to 9/16" (14mm) thick and 5-5/16" (140mm) long for projects that require a structural joint.

“The Domino 700’s added strength and larger tenons open up a lot of possibilities for projects involving architectural design and custom doors,” Woodcraft’s power tool manager Andrew Bondi said. “Woodworkers can easily and precisely join huge slabs, doors and gates, build tables that will last a lifetime, or construct just about any large project one can imagine.”

In addition, Bondi said the 700 also offers all the same features that made the original joiner a hit with woodworkers, such as the patented mortising technique, simple indexing features, and adjustable mortise sizing that allow you to make flawless mortises every single time. Simple, precise mortising fence height adjustment (with scale) offers accurate stops for locating the mortising opening in the center of material thicknesses: 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 and 40mm. Other features include quick, precise adjustment mortising depths from 15 – 70mm and a robust inner mechanism for consistently accurate routing results.

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Source: Woodcraft Supply LLC


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