Abet Laminati's Patagonia Offers Patterns and TextureENGLEWOOD, NJ -- ABET LAMINATI, a leading manufacturer of high pressure laminates, remains on the cutting edge with its new Patagonia Collection - a wavelike pattern placed within a textured surface. 

“Run your fingers over it and feel the raised surface created by ABET’s realistic Grainwood texture,” Tony Damiano, president of Abet, Inc. explains. “The Patagonia Collection is very exciting for us because the wavy wood pattern is topped with another pattern of pure texture.” 

The Patagonia Collection is unique because it emulates a grass cloth wallpaper but has all the benefits of high pressure laminate. Each piece in the collection contains a distinctive colorway, which in return creates different appearances.

The Patagonia collection is stain resistant and comes in ten warm colors. While Patagonia primarily comes with a raised, lined Grainwood finish, two colors are also offered in a flat Sei Due finish and a raised, unlined Climb texture. Patagonia is postforming and is sold in sheets of 51 inches by 120 inches. 

About Abet Laminati:

ABET LAMINATI continues to be the leader in high-pressure laminate design. As with all our products, the Patagonia collection is in stock at ABET LAMINATI’s North American distribution centers, as well as local distributors across the country. For further information call 1-800-228-2238 or 201-541-0700, fax 201-541-0701 or visit @ AbetLaminati.com. [email protected], Twitter @ abetlaminatiusa.


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