Olympia Steel Buildings Warehouse Building
Olympia Steel Buildings Warehouse Building

Pittsburgh, Pa. - Pennsylvania’s Fancher Chair Company has recently selected Universal Steel Buildings to supply and construct their new 9,600 square foot Olympia Steel Buildings® pre-engineered metal building to expand the existing warehouse capacity of their 200-year-old manufacturing company. The new warehouse will expand the storage space for their current 125,000 square foot manufacturing plant that has been producing high-end wooden chairs for the past forty years, allowing expansion of production as Fancher Chair continues to grow its business into the 21st Century.

Fancher Chair is located at the northwest end of the Allegheny National Forest in Pennsylvania with easy access to some of the finest maple, cherry, hickory and oak in the entire world. The company also has access to any other hardwood you could want, including walnut, birch and European beech. With close proximity to Interstates I-86 and I-90, the company has easy access to shipping their products anywhere in the world. The company has been manufacturing products in the US for 200 years.

“The people at Fancher Chair were a pleasure to work with,” commented Victor Gutierrez III, Universal Steel Buildings sales manager. “They needed a new warehouse for the existing building and what we were able to design for them was perfect for their needs. And the new warehouse will last a long time – something important to a company that has been in business for 200 years!”

Completion of the new facility is expected to see completion by the end of 2012.

Source: Olympia Steel Buildings


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