LYNDHURST, NJ- Fagor America Inc. the worldwide leader in built-in induction cooktops and state-of-the-art appliances is excited to announce the launch of the new 24" Energy Star Integrated Refrigerator that assimilates itself into most kitchen cabinetry for a seamless kitchen display. The Fagor Integrated Fridge is also easier to install, as it includes template guides and sliding doors that make installation effortless. The unit also utilizes a unique "No Frost" technology that keeps food fresher longer, in addition to an anti-bacterial cavity that helps to maintain a healthier and cleaner food environment.

The Fagor Integrated Fridge stands 24" x 79" in size, contains the freezer on the bottom, bottle shelves, 2 bottle holders, adjustable glass shelving and adjustable vegetable drawers. It also features reversible left and right doors making it adaptable to any kitchen, in addition to independent sliding doors that allow for space between the kitchen and cabinet doors. The Heavy Duty hinges holding the doors together withstand up to 200 lbs. and the door opening of up to 115° achieves maximum accessibility to inside compartments.

Fagor America, globally recognized for their sleek and efficient kitchen appliances, continues to push the envelope by creating innovative refrigerators like the Integrated Refrigerator. The unit maintains a constant control of humidity in order to keep the cabin in a "No Frost" environment, and it also has multi-fresh draws that keep the ideal temperature (low humidity and a temperature just above freezing) to perfectly preserve meats and fish twice as long as other refrigerators. The Integrated Refrigerator is designed with an anti-bacterial cavity, a coat of a sliver ion compound has been added, which prohibits the growth of bacteria, helping to preserve your food, longer.

Fagor Appliances Debuts Integrated RefrigeratorThe LCD control panel allows you to ensure the cooling is constant by managing an entire range of pre-selected temperatures and alert warnings. The icons in the Torre LCD panel let you know if the unit goes off its desired temperature and even if the refrigerator door is left open. The energy consumption on the Torre is very low on the unit, making it suitable for an Energy Star seal, saving you energy and money.

"We are extremely excited to offer a new addition in the kitchen cabinet design arena" said Sara De La Hera, VP of Sales and Marketing. "Fagor believes in making your kitchen as beautiful, functional and efficient as possible. The Intergrade Fridge makes the entire kitchen a seamlessly beautiful space in your home."

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