Assago – The annual assembly of Eumabois, the European federation that gathers 14 national associations of woodworking technology, tools and accessories manufacturers, was held in Istanbul last October 12.

After approving the meeting agenda and the proceedings of the 2011 assembly held in Valencia, president Franz-Josef Buetfering presented the report that traditionally illustrates the several topics and initiatives that build up the federation's activity. After greeting the audience, Buetfering underlined the symbolic value of a meeting in Istanbul, “…I think we couldn’t find a better place to represent the essence of Eumabois: different people speaking different languages, representing different worlds but sharing the awareness that you can keep growing only if you look ahead together”.

The president then offered some information, first of all a reassertion of the value of European technology: despite the very negative economic situation, the 14 associations within the federation account for approximately 60 percent of global production. Again an invitation to “look ahead”, a motto that Buetfering had already launched at the 2011 assembly in Valencia, spurring everyone to find the strength to keep being business owners, “… to believe in intuition and in the need to try new directions, which are basic elements of any enterprise”.


Great attention to the exhibitions calendar, an area where Eumabois has been investing for some time now, in order to provide European companies with a rational calendar, with homogeneous economic and logistic conditions, complying with specific standards. The next step will be the identification of one reference event in Mexico, while satisfaction was confirmed for events taking alternate dates in India, namely Indiawood and Delhiwood, and the commitment to more and more effective collaboration agreements with the leading international exhibitions.


Much space was dedicated to technical topics related to Eumabois activity. The assembly listened with great attention to Iuri Betti, a standardization and safety expert. Betti updated the audience about the progress made in the definition of standards recognized in all countries around the world, clearing up a situation that was still characterized by some confusion, to the benefit of all manufacturers who will finally have clear standards to comply with. This is an essential and topical issue, an area where there is still a lot to do.


While stressing the importance of effective communications, Buetfering once again recalled the positive effects of the “Choose the original-Choose success” campaign, the opportunity to consider further similar initiatives and to support a constant flow of information, inside and outside the federation.

For this purpose, the general secretariat has identified two products: an “internal” newsletter to keep member associations timely and constantly informed about the federation’s activities, and most of all the first issue of the “Eumabois Annual Report”: “It is not just a collection of statistical figures and information: in my opinion, its value and its strength lie in the consideration that – for the first time – European machinery is a solid body, one block, the capacity to compare Europe with the rest of the world. In this report, you will not find any mention to single countries. It's only and exclusively focused on Europe as a whole and its weight in the economy of the global industry. A decision that has great functional value, but also, if you allow me, a cultural and strategic relevance, which I welcome with great satisfaction”.

The assembly finally approved the 2011 balance sheet, the 2012 forecast balance and the 2013 budget, deciding that the next assembly will be held on September 6, 2013, in Jyväskylä, where the meeting will be hosted by the Finnish association.

Source: Eumabois

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