Silvana introduces the Markusson Triplematic Saw Chain Sharpener
Silvana introduces the Markusson Triplematic Saw Chain Sharpener

MONTREAL – Silvana Import Trading has just released its newest member of saw chain sharpeners from its much-admired Markusson brand. This new saw chain sharpener – the Triplematic – provides evident benefits:

• Easy to use – just set and start

• Frees up more time by sharpening cutting edge, gullet and raker in one cycle

• Faster cutting speed – cutting speed increases with the unique gullet sharpening

• Chain sharper than new and no more overheated blue teeth

• Handles stiff chains with new tensioning system

• Customers love its fast payback time

It can be found at:

The new Triplematic builds on the success of the Grindomatic V12 – renowned amongst shop owners and contractors alike for its workhorse reliability and ease of operation – and last year’s new entry, the Combimatic 3/4" chain specialist.

With its newly enhanced features, the Triplematic functions as a fully automatic saw chain sharpening machine, grinding the cutting link at three key points – the cutting edge, the raker, and the gullet. Designed to optimize efficiency for a contractor’s forestry operations, it ensures that a “half-a-million dollar harvester” will always perform at maximal capacity: increasing the chain’s ability to remain on the bar, and reducing the amount of splitting and the loss of valuable timber.

With the ability to triple the life-expectancy of saw chains, Triplematic’s high grinding capability does not overheat nor turn teeth blue. It features the standard equipment alongside value-added innovations. These include the stand, the link counter, the 110V to 12V converter pack, and the unique new air-powered system, stretching the chain for absolute precision sharpening.

“It’s the ultimate in chain-sharpening technology today,” says President, Dick Johnsson. “Nobody can afford to have valuable equipment sit idle due to a chain’s inability to stay on a bar, or lose valuable product due to splitting”. The Triplematic is designed to perform, built to last, and priced to maximize the return on investment, many times over.

Source: Silvana Import Trading

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