VISTA, CA - Eco Building Products, Inc., (PINK: ECOB) announced today that Future Home Technology's (FHT) first Eco Red ShieldTM home was delivered today in preparation for production to commence this week prior to shipment to the Jersey Shore in the Defensive Sandy Rebuild. FHT recently completed their certification in Eco's Defensive Builder Program which can be found by visiting this link:

Steve Conboy, President & Chief Executive Officer of Eco Building Products, Inc. commented that "Our plan was to find people that are devoted to raising the bar in this Northeastern rebuild, and willing to be trained in our Eco Defensive Certified Builder program. This program is founded on the idea of making homes more defensive against future storms, and our efforts have begun to show signs that the program is working and growing. This plan has finally enabled Eco to take an inventory position in lumber commodities that will allow the Company to sell finished goods versus coating services only. This first order from Future Home Technology, an Eco Certified Defensive Builder, is supported by our inventory position of coated lumber. As we ramp into more sales of finished goods coming out of our mill direct inventory position, it will allow Eco to ramp its revenue and margin making us a Wholesaler in the market of Defensive Eco Red Shield Lumber, giving us the ability to effectively manage more sales."

Checkout Eco's New Jersey Facility in support of the growing demand for ECOB's Advanced Framing Lumber:

About Future Home Technology, Inc. (FHT)

FHT specializes in New Custom Modular Homes built to meet your design. Now offering Eco Red Shield Defensive Lumber, our desire is to build you a defensive home and meet budgetary requirements using our FHT quality modular construction and brand name products. We are proud to provide our exceptional, state-of-the-art services to the Northeastern U.S., including New York NY, New Jersey NJ, Pennsylvania PA, Connecticut CT, Vermont VT, Rhode Island RI, New Hampshire NH, and Massachusetts MA. Since 1986, we have been reinventing the future of home building using our custom modular home construction techniques in our state of the art construction facility. We are proud of the over 6,000 families who are enjoying their homes built by our company. We use only the finest brand name materials from top of the line building suppliers and construct your custom modular home in an environmentally controlled construction facility using our high end design, engineering and modular construction techniques.

About Eco Building Products, Inc.

Eco Building Products, Inc. is a manufacturer of treated wood products that are protected against fire, mold/mycotoxins, fungus, rot-decay, wood ingesting insects and termites by our proprietary eco-friendly chemistry utilizing ECOB WoodSurfaceFilmTM and FRC™ technology (Fire Retardant Coating) leading the world on Defensive Innovations through the implementation of defensive building practices. Eco Building Products' Global Defensive Vision is to foster environmental stewardship, respect reforestation programs, and consider the carbon footprint and recycling efforts as we forge forward in the protection of homeowners and builders. We believe that in conjunction with these endeavors, Eco Building Products will have a positive impact on U.S. export business as supported by factory-built housing managed by American Veterans, demonstrating once again to America's youth that working in the Building Trades is an honorable vocation.

Source: Eco Building Products, Inc.

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