EAM-Mosca Previews Its Product Lines for the Veneer IndustryHAZLE TOWNSHIP, PA - According to the Western Wood Products Association, demand for U.S. lumber continues to strengthen, showing modest but sustainable gains. As EAM-Mosca gears up for its participation in the AWFS (Association of Woodworking & Furnishings Suppliers) Fair coming up July 22nd – 26th in Las Vegas, the company took a look at some of its wood related product lines, starting with the veneer industry.

The wood veneer manufacturing business is an intriguing one. The end product is the source of much of the beauty and esthetic appeal of furniture and cabinetry, but its producers are invisible members of the manufacturing supply chain. Buried even deeper in the chain are the strapping machines long supplied by EAM-Mosca Corporation and specially made to add speed and efficiency to the process of securing veneer bundles.

Veneer production starts with a log typically up to 14 feet long that is cleaned, de-barked, cut in half length-wise and then sliced into thin sheets the width of the log. After further processing, the sheets now cut into strips, are stacked in bundles usually between one and two inches thick, with roughly 30 strips per bundle. The bundles are then transported to the last stage prior to storage, where the sides are trimmed.

EAM-Mosca’s contribution to the process is to supply operator-cycled strapping machines. The strapping machines, or banders, close-couple to a device that trims edges at the same time the bundles are strapped. The Mosca ROMP4-900/225F and F.1 models are configured to place the strap an appropriate distance from the bundle edge as it is trimmed. The cabinet is built to nest against the trimmer. The sealer is positioned so the operator can conveniently guide the bundle into position, using a side guide provided by Mosca. It also positions the operator in position to maintain visual control of the trimming process. While standard production banders can be used for this operation, the fit is not as good, extra steps are required and operator ergonomics are inferior to the specially designed veneer strapping systems.

Two Systems for Leading and Trailing Edges

Two banders are typically required for a veneer strapping system - one on each side of a wide conveyor line. As a bundle enters in the center of the conveyor, the operator at the lead edge strapper takes the bundle and inserts it through the arch of the strapping machine, and into the trimmer. The trimmer is cycled to remove uneven and damaged ends from the bundle. The strapper is also cycled to strap the leading edge as the trimming is completed. The bundle is then slid across the conveyor to the trailing edge trim station. The operator takes control, inserts the back end into the strapper arch and trimmer and repeats the trim-strap cycle. Then the twice strapped bundle is conveyed further down the line for storage. 

Special Design Elements

The ROMP4-900/225F works well in the application both because of the special design elements mentioned earlier and because Mosca’s legendary reliability are highly valued in keeping the lines running at high efficiency. The most productive operations often have off-shift maintenance routines to remove built up dust and splinters that are unavoidable in the veneer production process. Those who adhere to this extra step report outstanding performance and process reliability with their Mosca equipment.

This model was discontinued some years ago because low demand prevented economical manufacture. However, EAM-Mosca reports that a resurgence of interest from multiple long time customers has again made it practical to build an updated version of Mosca’s much loved veneer strapper: ROMP4-900/225F.

Special Banding Needs?

Mosca equipment has been installed in very harsh conditions and stood the test of time. Now, new strap track designs, the proprietary Sonixs ultrasonic seal, and the basic engine of Mosca strappers provide the ruggedness, reliability and low cost-of-ownership that all producers need.

All Mosca equipment is driven by DC brushless direct motor drives, minimizing mechanical components, noise, dirt and service requirements. Most Mosca products feature sealed bearings and open construction to make the equipment less sensitive to dust, dirt and moisture than competitive products. And Mosca’s newest products are built with a strap path that, from strap dispenser forward, can be disassembled without tools and that can be cleaned and serviced in a flash. In addition, Mosca’s expertise in sealing technology and operating reliability offer many producers a money saving opportunity by reducing strap size and ultimately cost per package.

Is there something we can do for your organization? EAM-Mosca Corp. provides high-performance strapping system solutions to a variety of industries, including food, graphic arts, mailing, fulfillment, logistics, corrugated, wood, and other industrial or consumer goods. We combine innovative equipment with strapping materials manufactured to maximize machine performance and customer support programs that help our customers meet their performance and productivity goals.

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