Dynamic Wood Solutions, a manufacturer of commercial casework, millwork, and store fixtures has experienced significant growth and has moved operations to a larger west Michigan building to accommodate increased demand of product and services.

SPRING LAKE, MI - Formerly housed in a 9,000-square-foot facility at 6667 Grand Haven Rd, Dynamic Wood Solutions has moved operations to the former 19,000-square-foot Mathews Furniture building located at 18158 Trimble Court in Spring Lake Township due to increased demand since being established in 2009. The company has created eight full-time positions and four part-time positions to date with additional temporary help brought in during production peaks. With the projected growth, it

is likely that DWS will hire two to three more full-time employees within the next year.

“Our new facility isn't just a bigger building: it has more off-load space for our suppliers, an open floor plan to increase manufacturing efficiency, bettering ability to change fabrication set ups and stage our large custom pieces, and more office space for support staff. We also have more room to store finished product until the moment it is needed at the construction sites, which has been a challenge for us given the industry we serve is time and field condition sensitive. This all means that we can maintain our high quality product while continuing to meet increased customer demands,” said Ryan Gardner, partner and Project Director.

“When we started the business and moved into the 6667 Grand Haven Road location our goal was that the facility would accommodate us for 4 to 5 years, but we’ve already outgrown it. Given the economic climate and having practically no established customers when we set out, that is simply amazing. Every week we see more quote opportunities. We’ve established great relationships with our customers over the past three years and that has been reflected in our growth.”

The company’s President Gary Moody is no stranger to doing business in tough times. With 25 years of leadership roles in commercial woodworking companies, he has seen the economy at its best and worst. “In this time of economic uncertainty in the U.S. and especially Michigan, not only are we still here, but we are actually growing. In fact, our 2011 sales are double that of 2010. Almost all of our business is generated right here in west Michigan. These are things that we take great pride in,“ said Moody. “While it has certainly been tough at times, we are living proof that the principles of making quality products, being responsive to our customers’ needs, and maintaining one’s integrity prevail even in the worst of economies. While we are a young business, these values have allowed us to work on several high profile projects, such as PNC Bank branches, Babbitt's Sports Center, a Harley-Davidson dealership, renovations at Baker College, several University of Michigan health buildings, GM and Chrysler dealerships, and Mercy Hospital among others.”

Chris Abbott is also one of three partners in the business and is the Operations Manager, overseeing all production staff and manufacturing. He has felt the brunt end of the growing pains. He stated, “It has been a big challenge to say the least. We have worked extremely hard to get where we are. We run our shop very lean and we have also invested heavily into equipment that has made us more efficient, but even with that it became apparent over the summer of 2011 that we were working in plant that was too small and we ran out of space to assemble product. Thankfully we secured offsite storage space and we were able to deliver some projects as soon as they were built. Our team put in long hours and extra effort and that allowed us to ship all of our orders on time. The new building will address this space issue and also has plenty of room for future expansion of operations.”

Dynamic Wood Solutions, LLC is a commercial woodworking company that provides products for the store fixture, institutional casework, and custom millwork industries. Manufacturing capabilities include CNC and manual machining, controlled environment staining and finishing, laminating, and millwork/furniture fabrication. Material capabilities include solid wood, wood veneers, plastic laminate, melamine and solid surface materials.

For more info, visit www.dynamicwoodsolutions.com.

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