MANHATTAN BEACH, CA -- The Doug Mockett Co. is excited to share four new drawer pulls, recently added to its collection, each with an identity all its own. In spite of the new design concepts and high unique individual characteristics, they have a very distinct look and feel that merges them seamlessly with our existing collection.

The Cascade Pull, DP216 features a smooth arcing texture that creates a gentle slope, complemented by soft grain lines. Beautiful craftsmanship and exquisite attention to detail. Top and rounded edges hollow out to create a comfortable grip surface on the backside of the pull.

The Treasure Chest Pull, DP217, has a small base that mounts directly onto the drawer face. Grasp rin and lift up 90 degrees to open. Stop points on the latch keep the ring from slamming against the drawer face or from swinging over the top and hitting the topside of the drawer.

The Stretch Pull, DP219 features a fanciful design! The thin frame in the center gently flows down to a thicker rounded base on either end. A stylish way to have a bit of fun with this attractive decorative pull.

The Trowel Pull, DP221 is strong and rigid with the classic contours of a strongbox door handle. Smooth clean lines and flawless sterile construction make the perfect statement piece for a bold refined looks.

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Source: Doug Mockett & Co., Inc.

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