Milan, Italy - The new Dieffenbacher Colorizer applies high quality direct digital printing on THDF/MDF and particle boards for applications such as laminate flooring and for furniture production.

Digital Wood Panel Printer from Dieffenbacher GroupThe system is particularly suited to small and medium batch sizes. With a capacity of 1,800 m²/h (19,375 sq.ft./h) at a optical resolution of 1,200 dpi Dieffenbacher is setting new standards in quality and cost effectiveness. The Colorizer has unlimited possibilities for printing images on panel board and will allow radical new design and product strategies to be realized.

The Dieffenbacher Colorizer offers many advantages compared with conventional roller printing or paper roll print methods such as:

  • Significantly reduced expenditure in the production process
  • Elimination of storage of paper rolls, printing rollers and presses
  • Sampling, pilot and small batches can easily be produced in short time
  • No set-up times for image changes
  • Economical production of small batches
  • Can print almost any image

Compared with other digital printers available in the market the Dieffenbacher Colorizer provides many benefits, such as better print quality at a resolution of 600 x 600 dpi (optical 1,200 dpi) and a higher capacity, 1,800 m²/h (19,375 sq.ft./h), than digital printers currently on the market. The single pass printing system produces a sharp image on to the board, the pigmented aqueous inks ensure a strongly adhered high abrasion-resistant surface coating when used with a melamine resin top coat.

Technical Data


600 x 600 dpi, optical 1,200 dpi

4-color print(YCMK), extendable up to 8 colors

Print Formats

1,300 mm x 3,000 mm (51 in x 118 in) and

2,440 mm x 5,600 mm (96 in x 220 in)

Panel thickness: 3 bis 80 mm (0.12 in to 3.15 in)

Print capacity

9 panel per minutes

1,800 m²/h (19,375 sq.ft./h)

Print speed: 75 m/min


Pigmented H2O-inks (aqueous inks)

Pigmented UV inks

UV-Stability 6+


Source: Diffenbacher Group

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