ALPHARETTA, GA -- Dieffenbacher will present its latest technological developments to the wood-based panel industry at the IWF 2012 International Woodworking Fair in Atlanta, GA, from August 22–25. The company is set to focus on energy-saving reduction technologies, current developments in the Dieffenbacher press, energy plants/dryers and the Colorizer digital printing system.

This year, Dieffenbacher will attend the IWF with its expanded U.S. team for the first time. With an increased workforce of 40 employees and its own production site in Alpharetta, Dieffenbacher is providing services to American customers in the fields of energy and drying in particular. In addition to the energy plant and dryer for the pellet plant of Westervelt, AL, two further energy plants are currently being manufactured and supplied for American customers.

Digital printing: 1800 m²/h at an optical resolution of 1200 dpi

Taking center stage at the trade fair for the furniture industry will be the new Colorizer digital direct panel printing system from Dieffenbacher, the only one of its kind in the world. After just two and a half years of development, Dieffenbacher is showcasing a concept that can rival conventional roller printing and paper printing methods in terms of both quality and production costs. It is the first time that fully automated large format digital printing—complete with coordinated coating system—has been a viable concept on an industrial scale, in large quantities and with a high degree of reproduction quality.

With an output quantity of 1800 m² per hour (19,375 sq.ft./h), there can be no doubt that the Colorizer is suitable for series production — and it has achieved this capability with a very low level of system expenditure throughout the manufacturing process. The Colorizer uses the single pass method to print on a fixed panel measuring 1300 mm x 3000 mm (51 in x 118 in) and with a panel thickness of 3 to 80 mm (0.12 to 3.15 in). The maximum output is nine panels per minute. The Colorizer can produce a print resolution of 600 x 600 dpi (optical resolution of 1200 dpi). The print head operates on the basis of drop-on-demand technology, prints in four colors (YCMK) and can be extended to eight colors. High contrasts are achieved by means of multiple drop size technology. A defined build-up of primer coats also contributes significantly to the first-rate, consistent printing quality. The Colorizer can be used in combination with both pigmented aqueous inks and pigmented UV inks. Pigmented aqueous inks are the preferred alternative due to the benefits they offer in terms of coating bonding and due to the lower ink costs. With pigmented aqueous inks, the printing costs are less than one euro per square meter (less than one U.S. dollar per square yard) for the primer, printing and coating. The Colorizer can be easily integrated into existing production lines as a bypass solution. The complete range for new systems includes a coating line for the base and top coat, digital printer, RIP software, prepress and color management.

Dieffenbacher will be in Booth number: 2500 at IWF 2012.

Source: Dieffenbacher

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