Springfield, Ill. - Lamboo, Inc. and D. Reis Furniture announce their partnership to distribute sustainable and rapidly renewable materials for interior architectural design. With the integration of bamboo materials, Lamboo, Inc. and D. Reis Furniture are committed to ensure the continued track record of excellence by providing the innovative product of engineered bamboo.

By matching the Lamboo® Design™ series into their products, D. Reis Furniture is able to build the truly custom pieces made with the very best of materials and assembled with the most lasting joinery. Lamboo® Design™ is ideal for D.Reis Furniture's mission to provide fine furnishings and woodwork on a national and international level.

Located in the Greater New York Region, D. Reis Furniture fabricates the finest architectural millwork and handmade furniture. "To ensure our tradition of exceptional quality, service, and hand crafted customization, nearly every task of the woodworking process is executed in-house for optimal control and flexibility," said Dominick Reis, Principal of D. Reis Furniture. At D.Reis Furniture, planning, drafting, and fabrication processes all reflect the knowledge and experience of practicing designers, woodworkers, and construction managers.

Lamboo offers Lamboo® Design™ which introduces uniformity, workability, and allows for ease of integration that makes it a great fit for contemporary designs. Lamboo products are not only a superior option over traditional sources in terms of quality and performance but are a much more sustainable option as well.

This partnership is formed to bring innovative solutions for interior design, furniture, and many other architectural applications, while maintaining reputation of reliability and quality. Through partnership with D.Reis Furniture, Lamboo seeks to combine high performance bamboo product with quality and excellence in service.

Source: Lamboo Inc.



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